Throwback Thursday

As we enter the final days until Christmas, I found a photo from a few years ago that brought a big smile to my face.

Y’see, my mom always used to stuff our stockings with everything from candy to batteries to socks. To me, half the fun of Christmas morning was trying to figure out just what in the world I was going to find inside of my stocking.

In the Christmas a year before mom passed away, both Sunshine and I were there on Christmas morning to open some gifts. As we were going through our stockings, I found something that didn’t seem right.

It was a hard, plastic container…smooth to the touch. I pulled it out and stared at it. The puzzled look on my face was overly apparent…I just couldn’t figure out why I had gotten this particular item.

Sunshine looked at what was in my hands and laughed. Hard. My mom was confused…why was I shocked at this gift? Didn’t I need it?

It was a bottle of shampoo.

Throwback Thursday

My mom explained that she thought that I still needed something to clean my head with, even if I was sporting the bald look. I tried telling her that I just used soap on my skin, similar to using soap on the rest of my skin. She was genuinely surprised that I didn’t need shampoo.

She had such a kind heart. This memory is one of the last Christmas memories I have of her…and I’m so very thankful that it brings a smile to my face.


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