Fun Music Flashback Friday – Semi-Charmed Life

If you’re anywhere close to my age, you know how the chorus goes…

“Do do doo, do do doo dooo do do doo, do do doo dooo…”

At a time when rock music was ready to leave grunge in the dust and have some fun again, a band called Third Eye Blind came out with an anthem in 1997 that was a perfect blend of rock and pop.

I remember first hearing the song and being instantly hooked. Then I realized that the album version was about a minute longer than the radio version, so I had to run out and buy their self-titled cd (y’know…when people did that kind of thing).

What I remember most about it, though, was the fact that in the late 90’s I was a karaoke kind of guy. I worked in the bar and hung out at the bar of my off days, so whenever we had karaoke going on I went there and lived the dream of being a rock star.

Semi-Charmed Life was one of my “signature” songs. I could sing the crap out of that tune, let me tell you. As I’ve grown older, I’ve strayed far from the karaoke bars. Don’t get me wrong…I can still whip out a Baby Got Back that will knock you on your ass. But this song holds a special place in my heart as one that spoke to me to the point I wanted to sing it ALL THE TIME.


So what about you? Do YOU have a karaoke signature song?


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