Throwback Thursday

It wasn’t that long ago but it seems like it was another life.

Almost six years ago I was working for an international oil company. My job was in accounts receivable and, on occasion, I was sent to visit a client in person to go over outstanding items. It wasn’t a glamorous job, by any stretch…but it was one that I was actually pretty good at and it was enjoyable at the time.

This was my first trip to St. Louis. As was the case with any trip I made on business, I booked the earliest flight out on the day before my meeting to ensure (a) that I would get there with plenty of time and (b) I could go travel around the city and be a tourist.

I was fortunate enough to catch a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game on this evening. I took the metro straight from my hotel all the way to the front gates of Busch Stadium. I spent $15 on a ticket, $16 on a Cardinals baseball cap, and $13.75 for a hot dog & beer.

I visited the Anheuser-Busch brewery after my business meeting. I took a fantastic tour of an historic American location and got to see, from the ground up, how beer is made.

And before I left, I got to take a photo of the iconic St. Louis Arch. It’s a trip I’ll never forget.

St. Louis Arch


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