Our Vacation

If you were wondering where my posts were last week, there is a good reason for my absence. Y’see, Sunshine and I took the week off for a well-earned vacation. And yes, I certainly have a few photos to show you from our time together.

Here’s the first…

Our room

Oh…you were expecting, maybe, a picture from a trip? Well, the only trip we took was to the local hardware store to pick up some paint.

Here’s the deal…last week was initially supposed to be when we took the kids to Florida. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite turn out the way we thought it would (hence, our new “how to save money” blog). We talked about maybe not taking the entire week off, but then decided that (a) we needed a break from the office together and (b) there was a lot of work around the house that needed to be done.

The girls had been asking for two years to paint their rooms, and we had said for two years “yes” but never followed through. This was the perfect time to follow through.

On Monday, Mo joined Sunshine and I as we painted her room a purple that she picked out herself. Purple is her favourite colour and she was absolutely stoked to be able to have her very own purple room. While I was a little hesitant at first about the colour, I think it all turned out great in the end.

Mo's room

Kiddo wanted a green colour for her room. She actually wanted a red room, but we put the kibosh on that pretty quick and she went with her second choice. I wasn’t a fan of either option, but what the heck…it’s only paint, right? The room is certainly green and it’s pretty bright, but she helped paint it and is really happy with the results, so I’m happy with the results, too.

Kiddo's room

Not content with painting two rooms, Sunshine and I went about painting two more. She painted our bathroom in a pretty snazzy shade of grey (doesn’t anybody even say “snazzy” anymore?) and then we both turned our attention to the bedroom.

We had this plan; this wonderful, glorious plan. We wanted to have the feel of a Caribbean beach in the room, with three walls having a “sand” colour and a bright, vibrant blue as a feature wall (pictured, top). The focal point of the room would be an incredible photo that Sunshine took when we were in Roatan, Honduras a couple of years ago. We’d blow it up into a poster and everything would be complete.

Like a dream

Unfortunately, we didn’t blow up the pic until AFTER we purchased the blue paint. Needless to say, as awesome as the wall looked on its own, it didn’t match the photo or even blend with it in the slightest way.


We now have a new idea. We’re going to put our favourite photo from the wedding on the wall and we think it’s going to “pop” beautifully.

The wedding photo

We’re going to take our Honduran beach poster and put it in our living room, where it matches the walls perfectly.

Throughout all of this painting was about ten full garbage bags of items to be donated to charity (clothes, toys, games, tec.). We’re not quite finished yet, either, as there were a number of items that we had on our “to do” list that we just didn’t have time to do. Those items will have to be done next weekend.

So we’re both back at work today and, quite frankly, could use a vacation to recover from our vacation. Sunshine worked her ass off all last week and we both still have things we need to do this coming weekend. It’ll be worth it in the end, though. Nothing good ever came from not working hard.


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