Halloween Memories

70s HalloweenI’ve always enjoyed Halloween, but I don’t know if I’ve really got a lot of memories from my time as a kid dressing up.

It’s funny…I’ve found a couple of older photos from me back in the late 70s dressed up for trick-or-treating, yet I have zero recollection of me dressing up like that. I don’t have any costumes that I specifically remember wearing or nights going out with my parents or with friends that I can recall.

My Sister & I - Halloween

There was this one time, though…in the 80’s (around 1984, I think). I was trick-or-treating with a couple of friends through a fairly residential area. It was getting a bit late and the majority of the smaller kids were already done for the evening. Things seemed to be calm when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something moving on the street next to us.

We all ran to find out what it is that we only got a small glimpse of. When we got to the street, it was already on the NEXT street over! What was it?

Someone had created a monster costume, but not like Frankenstein or Dracula. They were using stilts for legs, so it appeared as though it was a 4-legged creature moving; and moving fast! It was almost graceful how this “creature” would quietly speed down the street. They didn’t make any noise and were covered in what I can only describe as burlap of some kind. It really did look like a 4-legged brown monster just walking around.

They didn’t trick-or-treat, either…not once did I see “it” go to a house or even carry a bag. Whatever this person was doing, it was doing to spook out those who happened to catch a glimpse of them.

Of course, this story probably reads a lot better with a bunch of kids sitting around a campfire and me telling the story with a flashlight pointing at my face.

Do YOU have any Halloween memories?


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