Throwback Thursday

A child having a “first” anything is kind of a big deal. 

The first birthday, the first Christmas, the first steps, the first words…they all mean something to a parent. When it comes to my daughter, Rugrat, I recently found a photo of her first Halloween (aptly timed, I know).

I was working as a waiter at my dad’s Pizza Delight restaurant. It wasn’t overly busy so Rugrat’s mom brought her over so I could see her all dressed up. It’s weird…I don’t remember if we were dating or not at the time, as we broke up a few months after Rugrat was born. My thinking was that we had already split up at this point.

Looking at the picture, I can’t exactly remember what my daughter was dressed up as. Was she a pig? Was she a dog? Was she a Teletubby? I honestly don’t remember and it’s difficult to tell by the pic. But I’m definitely happy to have found this photo.

Throwback Thursday

And yes…in 1999 I definitely had hair. I still could, y’know…I’m bald by choice!  


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