Turn Back Tuesday – 1985

So what were you doing in 1985?

As part of my ongoing attempt to recreate a lifetime of memories, I’m focusing this week on the year I turned lucky number 13.

I had my first kiss during the summer. Her name was Kim and it was while we were on a “date” watching a local baseball team (lol). I remember two things: (1) the exact location of the tree we were sitting under and (2) we were both ALL teeth! Nothing came from it and it didn’t work out, so by the time junior high school (i.e. Grade 7) had started, we didn’t talk a whole lot.

Canada_provinces_frenchI remember how insane my French teacher was. Mrs. Brownstone was one of those over-the-top entertaining teachers who knew she had a tough subject to teach, but loved what she did. I remember she’d jump around in her floor-length hippy-esque dresses to wake us up and ensure we paid attention. I learned how to say the provinces in French because of her. #Respect

I played basketball, but I wasn’t very good. AT ALL. In fact, I was one of those kids who simply wanted to get attention to over-compensate for my lack of skills. I remember at one point, running after the ball with everybody else. Then, once the other team scored, I moonwalked up the court instead of racing after the ball with everybody else. I got to half court when both teams raced by me again back towards the OTHER basket.

Ugh…I was such a dork.

The #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart was “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits. The song was good, but was more than likely top of the charts due to an incredible video that truly stood out as a work of art during a time where music videos were beginning to reach their zenith at an early age.

Of course, the biggest song of the year was “We Are The World” by the make-shift supergroup, USA For Africa. It’s extremely cheesy to listen to now (I hear it more around the holidays, for some strange reason), but it was the fastest selling pop single in history, with global sales being more than 10 million.

back-to-the-future-posterThe top 5 box office films of the year were:

  1. Back To The Future at $210 million
  2. Rambo: First Blood Part II at $150 million
  3. Rocky IV at $127 million
  4. The Color Purple at $94 million
  5. Out of Africa at $87 million

Obviously, it wasn’t the best year for “blockbuster movies” but it was a fantastic year for Sylvester Stallone. I thought Rocky IV was the best of the series (“I will break you.”) and was really into Rambo II (I actually read the book before I watched the movie). I’ll admit to never seeing The Color Purple or Out of Africa…just have zero desire to ever watch those movies. And Back To The Future? I own the trilogy.  OF COURSE I do!

Cosby ShowThe top 5 television programs of the year were:

  1. The Cosby Show
  2. Family Ties
  3. Murder, She Wrote
  4. 60 Minutes
  5. Cheers

I was certainly one of those people who were turned into “Must See Thursdays” on NBC. I believe Night Court was the fourth sitcom that helped make that night a GREAT night of family comedies. And really, with a few exceptions, there aren’t any really good sitcoms on television anymore that the whole family can sit around and enjoy. Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers, and Night Court were four great sitcoms, the type that you just don’t get to see anymore.

rick hansen1985 was the year that “The Man in Motion”, Rick Hansen, set out on his 40,000km tour across North America to raise money for spinal cord research. The tour ended up raising over $26 million, and any time the adapted John Parr song is played now it’s no longer referencing the movie St. Elmo’s Fire, but rather Hansen himself.

1985 was also the year that WrestleMania debuted. Being a lifelong wrestling fan (sorry, everybody), this was a big deal for me. I was all about the “rock-n-wrestling connection” that was hyped through celebrities like the A-Team’s Mr. T and pop singer Cyndi Lauper. It helped launch Hulk Hogan as an international megastar and wrestling has never been the same since.

New CokeHeh…do you remember New Coke?? It was released in April and received such a negative backlash that the original formula was back on store shelves less than three months later.

Live Aid also took place during the summer of 1985. I remember watching the majority of that concert, as it was broadcast on Much Music and just sat in front of the television screen. Unless I’m mistaken (and WikiPedia is normally great for correcting me if I’m not), Phil Collins actually performed at BOTH concerts (the one in London and the one in Philadelphia) after jumping on a Concorde plane (remember those?). And then Queen just blew every other act out of the water by being awesome!  Man…that was a great concert.

That’s 1985 in a nutshell for me. What do YOU remember about 1985?


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