Throwback Thursday

I was going through my old photos, trying to find one that would inspire me to write a blog post. And then I found it. Well…in actuality…I found TWO pics.

It’s a weird coincidence, actually. Let me explain…

About ten years ago, I traveled with my (now) ex-wife to visit my daughter (Rugrat) in Ontario. We stayed for a couple of nights and at one point took her to the Toronto Zoo. We had a really great time because the zoo is fantastic. It’s large and a lot of fun to walk through. 

There was a statue of a hippopotamus and we decided that Rugrat and I would get on the back of it for a photo op. And for whatever reason, it’s been a favourite photo of mine over the years. 

Throwback Thursday

So here I was going through the old photos I recently scanned into my computer. I noticed the one above of my daughter and I at the zoo, but then I saw one from the 1970’s that caught my eye. It was weird because it was a photo of me with my dad. We were probably in Florida somewhere and I’m assuming my mom took the photo of us. 

Now here’s the thing that drew my attention in; take a look at what I’m sitting in:

Throwback Thursday

Yeah…that’s a frickin’ hippopotamus!!

Really…what are the odds that I would have taken a photo with my dad (that I don’t remember at all) in a statue of an odd animal and then, years later, take a photo of myself with my daughter (that she doesn’t remember very well, either) with a statue of the same odd animal?



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