Turn Back Tuesday – 1984

What were you doing 30 years ago?

How’s THAT for a loaded question? As I get older, I’m more often than not thinking back to my youth and reminiscing about what I was doing. Maybe it’s because I recently had a birthday, I’m not sure. But I’ve been thinking about the past recently.

So I’m going to try and re-create my memories over the past 30 years, one week at a time. This week, I’ll start with 1984.

I remember this was the first year that I lived in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Up until then, my dad was a manager at Royal Bank and we had moved around to a few different places (including New Minas, Nova Scotia and Saint John, New Brunswick). He left the bank and opened up a Pizza Delight franchise in his home town. We all ended up moving there just as I started Grade 6.

My dad's first restaurant
My dad’s first restaurant, 1984

I ended up going to two different elementary schools because we moved twice during this time (I have no idea why…I don’t think I ever asked). Thankfully, Amherst shared a junior and senior high school so I ended up making friends in both schools that would last a lifetime.

To this day, I think 1984 was probably the greatest year for popular music in the modern era. There are simply too many great songs and great albums by great artists to name, but trust me…it was a helluva good year for music.

30 years ago this week, the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 was “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince & the Revolution.  Man…I loved this song (still do!). The movie wasn’t the best, but I dare you to find a soundtrack that’s as incredible from start to finish as Purple Rain was.

Ghostbusters_PosterThe top 5 box office films of the year were:

  1. Ghostbusters at $238 million
  2. Beverly Hills Cop at $234 million
  3. Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom at $179 million
  4. Gremlins at $153 million
  5. The Karate Kid at $90 million

Out of those movies, I think I’ve probably seen Ghostbusters more than any other in the years since. It’s a pretty common thought that Temple of Doom was the worst Indiana Jones movie. Beverly Hills Cop is still funny but severely dated, as is The Karate Kid. The only movie I haven’t seen in a VERY long time is Gremlins, but I fear this is one of those movies that simply wouldn’t stand up over time because of the cheesy special effects and bad acting. I could be wrong, though.

DynastyThe top 5 television programs of the year were:

  1. Dynasty
  2. Dallas
  3. The Cosby Show
  4. 60 Minutes
  5. Family Ties

Obviously, as a kid I only watched two of these programs. I loved both of them, actually. Other top television programs that I enjoyed were The A-Team, Knight Rider, and The Facts of Life.

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau retired in 1984. I remember not liking him because it was his fault taxes went up and, thus, so did the price of my Star Wars action figures. I mean, as a 12-year-old you gotta blame somebody, right?

That’s 1984 in a nutshell for me. What do YOU remember about 1984?


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