Mad Modern Family Men

How often do you watch a show from beginning to end? Most times there is a ton of patience and luck involved, even with DVRs, because shows can change nights and times without much notice.

I’ve seen a few series from beginning to end: Friends, Seinfeld, Heroes, Lost, Dexter, Rome…but as I mentioned, it can be really difficult. I’m currently in the process of watching four shows from beginning to end: The Walking Dead (cannot wait for the new season!), Games of Thrones (same thing!), Modern Family, and Mad Men.

The first two are shows that I watch on my own, as Sunshine doesn’t care to be bothered with either one of them. I’ll discuss those another time.

modern-familyModern Family is a show that we both found out about early last year and ended up watching every single season in a matter of two months. The next thing we knew, we had seen every episode and were sad that we had to wait for the weekly program to air in its regular timeslot.

It’s not just a situation where the characters in the show resemble our lives, although that is totally the case (I’m more Phil Dunphy than I’d like to admit). It’s really a situation where it’s a damn funny show. DAMN funny. It’s the kind of show that you can watch with your kids as a family…and there aren’t a lot of comedies that you can do that with anymore.

On some levels, I can relate to ALL of the characters. I can see a little bit of my family in theirs, and that’s appealing to me. But at the end of the day, if I can’t laugh consistently at the smart writing then it’s not worth tuning in for. As we enter Season 6, the show is still worth our time and that’s saying something. We look forward to it every week and laugh at the repeats we see in syndication every evening.

But that’s not the only current show that we’re following.

Mad MenMad Men is a show that I had heard about but never cared about watching. Sunshine didn’t think I’d like it so she started watching it by herself one weekend when I was with my son. I watched about 15 minutes at the end of the 6th or 7th episode when I got home and was immediately intrigued. Two episodes later and I was hooked.

Now we’re on Season 4 and it’s only been a month (wow). We have opinions on the characters and we’re quite vocal about where those characters go and what they say during an episode. I’m sure we sound ridiculous sometimes…telling Roger that he’s an idiot or calling Don terrible names because he’s doing something self-destructive AGAIN. But here we are…racing through every episode like we’re addicts on crystal meth.

The writing is smart. Sunshine enjoys the relationships while I’m intrigued by the interpretations of products and how they come up with advertising campaigns. We’re both addicted to the way they portray the 60s with its non-stop smoking, drinking, sexism, adultery, homophobia, and racism. It makes us wonder how anybody survived that decade.

We’re already dreading the day that we’re caught-up and done the “first half” of Season 7. Neither one of us have any idea where the show is going, but we’re excited to see where it leads us.


So what about you? Have you ever watched a series from beginning to end?


3 thoughts on “Mad Modern Family Men

  1. I often start to lose interest in a series a few seasons in. Usually because they don’t change enough or change way too much. However, there are a few that have kept me hooked.

    The one that did it best was Dexter. Enough character development and growth, without getting too far off the path, but not just repeating the same story lines over and over.

    Battlestar Galactica was another. I had high hopes for Caprica and I was intrigued to see where it would go, but since it got canned, I guess I was one of the few.

    (My wife wasn’t interested in either of them)

    We’re currently hooked on the UK Being Human. Although the season we’re up to has been throwing in a lot of major changes, so we’ll have to see if it can maintain our interest to see it through to the end of the series.

    (MASH, Buffy, and Angel were ones were I saw most of the episodes, but can’t say I saw all of them. Also not sure if Firefly counts as like Caprica it got cancelled)

    We also watched Torchwood from beginning to end and are currently up to date on Doctor Who (but only from the reboot, not the really early ones).

  2. I absolutely LOVED Six Feet Under. I’m still sad that you tried it and didn’t love it. Of course Dexter was an all-time favourite. I also loved The Sopranos and my guilty pleasure — Sex and the City.

    I guess once we’ve blown through Mad Men it’ll be time to seek out another series. I might even be convinced to give Breaking Bad a go. 😉

  3. I forgot about Six Feet Under. We loved that one and watched it all the way through.
    (And that reminds me of “Dead Like Me” as another).

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