Throwback Thursday

As I’ve been scanning and going through older photographs from my childhood, I’m constantly surprised by some of the photos that I don’t remember taking. Like this one, for example…

Florida orange grove

One of the reasons I love Florida so much is because my parents took me there numerous times as I was growing up. As far as I can recall, I’ve been to Disney four times…perhaps five. The memories are there…they just need a little kick in the pants with some photographic assistance to shake those memories loose.

I don’t remember visiting an orange grove on any previous visit, yet there I am with my parents…holding onto an orange like it was the greatest tourist attraction ever. Strange…I have vague memories of smelling citrus and warm breezes, but not of actually visiting a grove.

I’m glad I found this because I remember a few years ago Sunshine and I took the kids apple picking and took a bunch of pictures. They might not remember every family excursion we’ve gone on, but they’ll at least have photographic evidence that it happened.

Apple picking


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