Confessions from a Cubicle

Confessions from a CubicleI don’t do these very often anymore. Quite frankly, I haven’t been working out of a cubicle in well over a year so it simply doesn’t make any sense to write about thoughts from my cublicle…y’know?

And while I still don’t have a cubicle (it’s an interior, open-top office space…ahem), I thought that I might as well write down a few thoughts while I had some down-time on a Monday afternoon to post on a Tuesday morning…

    • I feel bad that Sunshine and I didn’t stay up to watch the VMA’s this past Sunday. We normally like to make fun of celebrities on Twitter and, may I add, are quite witty with our comments and banter. From what I saw the next day, though, we didn’t miss very much. We missed a bunch of Nicki Minaj’s ass showing Miley Cyrus how it’s done, but I can just watch her video to see that.
  • I’m really excited about the upcoming football season. I’ve joined four different fantasy football leagues and I might join one or two more just for shits ‘n’ gigs. In fact, I’m even part of a league with Random Esquire…and I look forward to kickin’ some major ass when the season is all said and done. Maybe there needs to be an individual wager between the two of us?
  • Platinum Blonde2014 has turned into the “Musical year of Sunshine”. It kicked off with us seeing Platinum Blonde, who she was a MAJOR fan of (I have to admit…I enjoyed the concert a lot more than I expected). She then got tickets for September to see Jann Arden, who she is a MAJOR fan of. Now we’ve got tickets in October to see her #1 childhood dream, Richard Marx. I won’t lie…I’m looking forward to that concert, too, as I’m a fan. The question, though, is when is an artist that I want to see going to make their way through Halifax? I guess this would be Sunshine getting retribution for making her go to the KISS concert five years ago (lol).
  • guardians-galaxy1Finally got to see “Guardians of the Galaxy” this past weekend with my son. What an incredible movie! When they initially released the poster, I had no idea what the movie was about as I had never read the comics. I thought it was ridiculous to think that they could make a realistic gun-toting raccoon and a walking tree and then incorporate it all into a good movie. I couldn’t be happier to be more wrong! This is probably now in my Top 10 all-time favourite movies, it was that good. I’d pay to see it again and can’t wait to pick up the Blu-Ray when it’s available.
  • My work is full of hills and valleys. One week I could be all-out non-stop crazy busy and the next week I could be sitting here desperate for inspiration to smack me on the head so I can write more blog posts. Guess where I’m at this week?
  • The summer seemed to speed by faster than any other I can remember. I can’t believe it’s almost September already. Sometimes I wish life would just slow down a bit, y’know?
  • CBG & Sunshine on Navy PierSunshine and I are still thinking about possibilities for an October long-weekend drive somewhere. We want to get out of the city for a few days but aren’t sure where to go. Montreal and Boston are suggestions, but we’re just not sold on each as of yet. We need to get away, though…just the two of us. Hell, we haven’t even had a proper honeymoon yet!! I mean, sure…we flew to Chicago to hang with Random Esquire for a few days (which was AWESOME), but we didn’t…y’know…“do honeymoon things” while we were there. That would just be rude. Anyway…we need to get away for a few days on a budget. We just need inspiration on where to go.
  • Ugh…I’m 42 soon.

7 thoughts on “Confessions from a Cubicle

  1. I recommend a weekend away in St John’s , Nfld.
    Stay in a lovely B&B, walk Signal Hill, wander town,
    Some great restaurants , hit pubs on George St etc
    Love that city !!( if you can get a good seat sale, don’t recommend
    driving / ferry …)

    1. I lived in Newfoundland for a year back in 2000. LOVE that province! I lived in Grand Falls for 6 months and Paradise for 6 months. I was in sales so I traveled and saw every inch of that rock. Would love to go back!

  2. Are you kidding – you two need to come to Toronto!

    Also, absolutely agree with you on Guardians. The missus didn’t like it, but both my son and I loved it. Definitely going to have to watch it again….

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