Fun Music Flashback Friday – Touch Me

Summertime music. It always seems to have a special place in my memory bank…much more than music released any other time of the year. It was during the summer that I was initially introduced to the spectacle that was Samantha Fox.

I’ll be the first to admit that Samantha Fox wasn’t the most talented singer in the world. I’ll also freely admit that I wasn’t a super-huge fan of her music just because of her incredible vocals or insightful lyrics.

And I’ll TOTALLY  fully admit to initially becoming a fan of Samantha Fox because of this 45 single album cover:

Samantha Fox - Touch me

Huh…remember the 45 single?

I remember the summer of 1986 when this single was released. The song itself was not overly memorable. In fact, it epitomized the cheesiness that was the 80’s. Still…it was a hit in spite of its “ode to fromage” and scandalous lyrics, suggestiveness, and moans (Miley Cyrus could learn a thing or two from Samantha Fox).

For me, this particular song takes me back to a summer of discovery and fun. A number of us were friends with Nadine, a great girl who just happened to have a kick-ass swimming pool and a love for her friends…so we were always under an ‘open invitation’ to come out and hang out for the day.

I remember going out in the morning to hang with everybody, then driving into work for lunch (I was a waiter working lunch and supper rush hours). After my shift, I’d head out for the afternoon to hang and then drive back to the restaurant for the evening crowds. Sometimes we’d go out in the evening, but most of the time it was a daytime thing (her parents weren’t normally around during the day).

A number of us would bring music to listen to. Sometimes we’d play a mix-tape, other times we’d throw a 45 on the record player. I remember this song getting lots of play, even though I’m pretty sure very few other people enjoyed it as much as I did.

Do YOU have a song that takes you back? Any “summer tunes” that immediately help you remember a certain time in your life?


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