Searching For Savings & A Lack Of Family Trips

The family trip is off.

Sad faceIt sucks to even write that down…but it’s been off for a couple of weeks now. We had gotten to the point where we thought that we would be able to save up enough money for this awesome family vacation in Florida…Disney & Universal, specifically…but then we were hit with a financial blow a couple of weeks ago that pretty much killed any chance we had of going this year.

So what it boils down to is that we need to be better at saving. I, in particular, have never been great at saving anything other than pennies over the years. That being said, I’m finally at a job that pays me what I’ve always wanted to be paid…yet I’m still having a difficult time saving. I’m not drowning in debt or anything, but I’m not saving the way I thought I would.

As of Sunday, our week-long “family staycation” ended, so in the next few days I think Sunshine and I will be seriously looking at how to manage our finances better. With the money we make and the bills that we have, we should be able to save a lot more than we are at the moment.  We want to be in a position where an unexpected financial hit doesn’t cripple us. We also want to make sure that if we are hit unexpectedly by something, that it doesn’t completely derail our trip plans.

My attempt to get sponsored to write blog posts about Florida went without any offers, so I guess we’re pretty much stuck at home for the foreseeable future (only half kidding, by the way). As bad as I feel for Sunshine and I, the worst part about it all is that I feel really bad for the kids. They never really get to go anywhere and, with the exception of my daughter Rugrat, none of them have ever been on a plane before. 

It’s going to be a long year without going anywhere, though. Maybe Sunshine and I can sneak away for a long weekend drive somewhere like Boston or Montreal. Hmmm…let’s ponder this for a little bit.


One thought on “Searching For Savings & A Lack Of Family Trips

  1. For the record, there are way worse things than not being able to take a family vacation. We both have decent jobs, we can afford all of the important things in life and we’re working on getting ourselves in better financial order. Yes, I was upset about the setback at first but hey, it happens…it’s all part of life. We’ll bounce back.

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