Life Is What You Make Of It

Alright…a few weeks into this new lifestyle change and I think I’m on the right track. I’ve been counting my calories every day, drinking my 8 glasses of water, cutting back on my snacking, and going out for runs and walks when I’d normally be happy to sit on the couch at home.

Unfortunately, that didn’t result in much of a change on the scales when I stepped on it last week.

I’d been down this road before, though. I’d seen a lack of movement on the scale and it had ruined my whole day. In fact, there have been times when I’d seen a higher number and then just said, “F*ck it” before going on an eating binge for the next week or two.

Not this time.

Not this timeY’see, I realize that my life isn’t dictated by my weight. I’m not obese, by any stretch. I mean, how many obese people can run a 5K in under 40 minutes? So yes, I totally realize that I’m in a much better place physically today than I was a few short months ago. It just sucked that my body didn’t seem to want to work with me when it came to appearance.

So here I am, eating baby carrots on a Monday afternoon after a vacation week where, as crazy as it sounds, I was actually down three pounds on my weigh-in day! And you know what else? I didn’t go crazy during my vacation week, either. Sure…I had some sweets and some snacks, but I didn’t go crazy like I normally would. I had an active week and it ended up finally showing on the scales to the point that I’m not worried or concerned about my weigh-in on Wednesday.

In addition to that, I’ve got my awesome wife doing whatever she can do to help motivate me and keep me on the right path. Two years ago I might have felt a bit resentful or even upset that she was “pushing this lifestyle” upon me. Today feels like a new day, though, so I am incredibly grateful for her motivation and assistance. She’s not only my best friend, she’s also my inspiration.

My good friend, Random Esquire, is continuing to help motivate me, as well. We send each other pictures of our food…all day, every day…in an effort to keep each other “in check”. Random’s going to the gym now while I’m still out there pounding the pavement in the mornings trying to run off the pounds. We’re hoping to integrate other workout routines and exercises into our daily schedules so we can continue to keep each other “in check”.

And for whatever reason, I’m still motivated to keep making these lifestyle changes. I mean, I know I’ve been here before and have failed multiple times…but it’s not about how many times you fail, it’s about how many times you get back up again. I failed four or five times at quitting smoking before I finally did it…cold turkey…and this year I celebrated 10 years smoke free. If I can conquer that, I can certainly conquer this.

So two weeks ago I only lost a half pound. Who cares? As Sunshine asked me at the time, what if I lost a half pound every week for an entire year? Would I not be happy to have lost 26 pounds? I’d almost be at my ultimate goal weight…so why get upset and throw everything out the window because the initial results aren’t exactly what I’m hoping for? It’s a marathon, not a sprint…and that’s how it felt last week when I saw the results of my hard work pay off.

As long as I keep going on the same path that I’ve been on for the past few weeks, I’ll eventually get to where I want to be.  In fact, I’m thinking about running a 10K in October.

** BLINK **

I shake my head as I write that because just a few months ago, I couldn’t imagine myself even running a 5K event much less a 10K. But here I am in August, two months removed from my first 5K and two months away from a potential 10K. I really think I can do this!

Life is what you make of it and right now, my life is good. And I’m at the point where I really want to make the most of the life I’ve got.

Don't give up


2 thoughts on “Life Is What You Make Of It

  1. I’m SO proud of you, sweetie…as always. I’ve always known that you are capable of great things, but that YOU just had to believe in yourself. It feels like you’re finally in that place.

    I will always do my best to help and support you along this journey (or any other that you undertake) without trying to push you to do something you don’t want to do. This has to come from inside yourself. And while I can be your cheerleader and provide assistance, the rest is up to you.

    You’ve got this. 🙂

  2. Dude, hell yeah.

    I have no doubt you can tackle that 10K. Man, what a difference 6 months make! Really proud of how hard you have worked, how persistent you’ve been, how determined. It’s a great example.

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