Escaping The Rut (part two)

So yesterday I was talking about being stuck in a rut. It was a rut that I’ve been fighting for my entire life, really…but I’m ready to tackle it one more time and see what happens.

The other rut, though, is something that’s relatively new. It’s the rut that my wife and I have found ourselves in after less than a year of marriage.

No…we’re not in trouble. No…we’re not going to split up. We’ve had a few rough weeks and recently realized that we were the cause of our own issues. We were the reason that we were unhappy.

WE were stuck in a rut with our relationship.

It was decided that we had taken our relationship for granted, which was something I never thought we’d do. Sunshine explained it like this:

  • When we were in our long-distance relationship, we always had “our weekend” to look forward to. We did whatever we could to cram in as much fun and as much love as possible.
  • When I moved to Halifax to be with her, we were looking forward to our wedding.
  • Once the wedding ended, we had nothing else to look forward to.

And so thus the rut began.

Our last couple of weekends together, however, have helped to break us out of that rut.  We had our own “Ferris Beuller Day” that was all kinds of awesome and we’ve made it our mission to not simply sit back and let life pass us by. We’re too important to each other to do that. Plus, one of the things that we both love about each other is our ability to make fun out of almost any situation.

It is a lesson learned, and a lesson not soon to be forgotten.


One thought on “Escaping The Rut (part two)

  1. I don’t even know that it was that we didn’t have anything to look forward to after the wedding, I just think that we’d gotten so used to planning, looking forward to something, anything, that we didn’t know what to do with ourselves once we’d arrived at our “destination”. We just don’t know how to be “Sunshine and CBG” without reaching for “the next thing”. We will figure it out, like we always do. Team Sunshine/CBG all the way! 😉

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