Escaping The Rut (part one)

For whatever reason, I’m the kind of person that flourishes when there is an obstacle or a task placed in front of me. Give me a specific goal with a specific timeline, and I’ll work my ass off to complete it. When I’m just trying to kick my own ass? The results don’t quite end up the same way.

How many times over the course of the past five years have I said that I was going to lose weight or get in better shape or make some “life changes”? I’ve lost track of them all, to be perfectly honest. But here I am…at it again…trying to hold myself accountable by writing it all down.

I’m in a rut and I need to bust out and escape it.

KILLING my morning workout!!A couple of years ago I was training for a race against a co-worker with a $50 stipulation. Heck…I even got up at 6am while on a cruise ship in the Caribbean just to hit the gym and work out. I lost 20 pounds and won the race handily. I then kinda drifted off and gained most of the weight back over the following year. All my hard work was gone.

009Earlier this year, my good friend Random Esquire challenged me to complete the Couch-to-5K app and then have everything culminate with an actual 5K run. Well…I trained and completed that run back in June. Since then, I’ve gone out once or twice a week…but only running 3km or less. I haven’t pushed myself, nor have I felt motivated to push myself.

I became stuck in yet another rut.

So last week my amazing wife threw down the gauntlet. Fed up with the poor eating habits we had been displaying over the past few weeks (and also because she’s in training to run at least a half marathon in the fall), she decided to whip both of our asses into shape.

“Let’s get on track. We can loosen up over family vacation week and then after that, back to the grind, balls to the wall, harder than ever. You’ve been wanting to lose weight and I need to reign it in so my pants keep fitting me. You in?”

I’ll be honest…my initial reaction was “SIGH”. It then took me a second to realize that this was the rut that I was trying to break out of. Sitting on my ass and eating ice cream all summer sounds like a great, relaxing time…but my two short runs per week aren’t quite cutting it in terms of the “weight loss” department, especially if my ice cream intake calories far outnumber my running calories.

I’m here, again, to say that I’m going to try to change my lifestyle habits…again. Eating better, tracking my calories, doing push-ups and planks in the evenings during commercials on television; whatever little things I can do that will hopefully add up to a happy, healthy CBG.

And if my wife is running a marathon in October, the least I can do is run a 5K that weekend, too.

That’s the plan. Even though I can’t run at her pace, Sunshine is determined to help motivate me to want to motivate myself. She’s a pretty awesome wife that way. I’m ready to escape this rut in my life. There is, however, still one more for me to tackle.



2 thoughts on “Escaping The Rut (part one)

  1. Listen, don’t beat yourself up for not sticking with things in the past. The important part here isn’t that you fall down, it’s that you keep getting back up — every.single.time. I’d like to think that each time you DO get back up, you’re doing it a little wiser, with more knowledge and experience under your belt.

    I have ALWAYS believed in you. I’ve always known that you can do whatever you want to do…but YOU are the person who has to believe that. If you can let go of your fear and self-doubt then you, my lovely bearded husband, will have the world by the ass.

    And when that happens, I’ll be standing there beside you with the biggest, toothiest grin saying, “TOLD YA SO.”

    You’ve got this. If you’re not ready to trust yourself on that, then trust me. I’m a pretty smart gal. 😉

  2. Love this – what a great idea, and a way to do something together that is good for both of you! I agree with not beating yourself up too. what’s done is done, and past is past. game on!

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