Half-Assing It

Sunshine pretty much said everything that I was thinking, too. I think we’re both ready to start really living life again.

Sunshine on My Shoulder

The end of last week wasn’t exactly the most stellar in my world. A single incident between CBG and I triggered a couple of ugly arguments between the two of us. I’ll spare you the details, in the interests of both privacy and the fact that, as is often the case, the things were were arguing about weren’t really the things we were arguing about.

Gotta love how that works, right?

Also — it got ugly.Ugly in that way where you start questioning everything that’s happened in your relationship to lead you up to this particular point. Ugly in the way that pushes you toward something that logically really makes no sense whatsoever, but in desperation you’re just not sure what else to say or do.


The good news is that several days of communication, tears, laughter and love means that here, on Monday, we’re in a much…

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