100 Happy Days Completed


As I mentioned back on March 10th, I’m not much of a “meme” kind of guy. But where I’m (seemingly) always battling inner demons and attempting to kick myself into a better mood, I thought this was one that was worth attempting.

I’m happy to report that as of last night, I have completed my task and finished #100HappyDays!!

And I thought it’d be fun to re-post some of my favourite happy moments from the past 100 days…


Day #1 – Out for a run and happy to be out just before the sun made an appearance.


Day #4 – I love “Family Game Night”. It could be Quirkle, Yahtzee, SkipBo, or dominoes…just the ability to sit down as a family and hang out for an evening of laughs and fun is one of the greatest joys I have.

100 Happy Days - Day 4

Day #8 – One of the benefits of working with my awesome wife is the ability to act silly together outside of the house. In this case, it was St. Patrick’s Day fun at the office.

100 Happy Days - Day 8

Day #20 – I still don’t know what “spotted dick pudding” is, but this made me legit lol when my wife saw it at a Bulk Barn.

100 Happy Days - Day 20

Day #31 – My awesome wife is always a superhero to me, but especially when she wears her Wonder Woman t-shirt to work under her business attire. LIKE A BOSS.

100 Happy Days - Day 31

Day #40 – Easter was a great time to get the kids together. I love that they all get along.

100 Happy Days - Day 40

Day #48 – My dad got remarried on this day.

100 Happy Days - Day 48

Day #60 – The wife and I went to Kiddo’s string recital at the local arena. We couldn’t just idly sit in the back row; we had to make sure we were seen in the crowd so Kiddo would know we were there. Matching lime green jackets did the trick!

100 Happy Days - Day 60

Day #66 – I took the day off of work to decorate the house for my wife’s 40th birthday. Sorry…I mean, 30-tenth birthday. Heh…

100 Happy Days - Day 66

Day #69 – On a family weekend at my dad’s place, we all took time on a beautiful, sunny afternoon to play some washer toss.

100 Happy Days - Day 69

Day #85 – I ran a 5K for the first time…and it was on my own during training for my first actual 5K. I was really happy with this accomplishment.

100 Happy Days - Day 85

Day #88 – After a terribly crappy day at the office, it was awesome to come home to FaceTime with my son and listen to him read a book.

100 Happy Days - Day 88

Day #90 – Sunshine and I spent a rare Saturday with her girls. We called it “The Day of Awesome” and spent the day surprising them with fun activities. It all culminated in their first trip to the drive-in…capping off a fantastic day.

100 Happy Days - Day 90

Days #98 & #99 – I was able to finish this meme with a bang, as I was surprised by my son on Father’s Day  and then surprised the next evening on “Step-Father’s Day” by my incredible step-daughters. Smiles on my face a mile wide each day!

100 Happy Days - Day 98100 Happy Days - Day 99So what did I learn from all this? I learned that I REALLY love my family. My wife, my children, and my step-children…my family brings me tremendous happiness. Food makes me happy, too…REALLY happy. There were a ton of pics of food, which may not necessarily be a good thing (lol). And hey…if you want to check out all 100 days, just do a Twitter search for #cbg100happydays or check out my Instagram account.

At the end of the day, the biggest thing I learned is that I felt the need to find something happy about every single day. Most days it was extremely easy, but on those days where everything seemed to suck…where work was brutal and everything about life was miserable, I was still able to find ONE THING to be happy about. That, in and of itself, is probably the whole reason I began this meme to begin with.

Nobody can force you to be happy. Only you can decide where happiness comes from. Life is good and happiness can be found anywhere, so never take it for granted. Ultimately the lesson learned is…

Day #100 – …only you can make yourself happy.

 100 Happy Days - Day 100


2 thoughts on “100 Happy Days Completed

  1. I love the last pic! pure content, in my mind! I think this is a great project and a way to get more consistent thinking about things that make you happy daily, rather than just seeing the crappy parts on that worst day (I had a doozy on Tuesday, so it was tougher to find the happy, but I did!) for sure.

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