4 Days To Go – Final Stretch

After slacking off in so many ways last week, I’m making sure I don’t slack off in the days leading up to my first 5K event. From my running diary blog…

I Got Off The Couch

I’ve been slacking. A LOT.

It’s weird…whenever I get close to a goal and I’ve achieved something along the way, I find a way to mess that goal up before I have a chance to complete it. It’s the reason I can’t lose more than a few pounds at a time. It’s the reason I can’t seem to run 30 minutes straight without a break. It’s the reason I almost blew my first 5K in just four short days.

Thankfully, my wife helped me realize that I was entering a vicious cycle again. As such, I was out running today and getting prepared for that 5K on Saturday. I didn’t go far, but I was going more for pace than I was for distance. I know I can run 5K…I’ve done that in my training. I’d like to try to pick things up a little bit, though…get a pace that…

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2 thoughts on “4 Days To Go – Final Stretch

  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!! I know this very sentiment – I called it the going for the field goal and not the touchdown. I used to do this ALL THE TIME and then, I finally committed to something that worked for me, and I went for the touchdown and have never looked back. I feel like this could be your a-ha moment turning point 🙂

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