Confessions from a Cubicle

Confessions from a CubicleI don’t do these very often anymore. Quite frankly, I haven’t been working out of a cubicle in well over a year so it simply doesn’t make any sense to write about thoughts from my cublicle…y’know?

And while I still don’t have a cubicle (it’s an interior, open-top office space…ahem), I thought that I might as well write down a few thoughts while I had some down-time on a Friday afternoon to post on a Tuesday morning…

  • Caleb JohnsonAmerican Idol’s finale was last week. Thankfully, the right person won the competition…though that might not necessarily be a good thing. Why? Well…who won last year? Okay…how many Idol winners have gone on to become platinum-selling superstars? I can tell you my answers to those two questions are “I have no freakin’ clue” and “about a handful”. Caleb Johnson has one of the greatest rock voices I’ve heard in years, and where he’s still relatively young, he’s got a ton of potential to have a great career (Daughtry still can have a good career, too, beyond that first album if he starts churning out better music). My concern is that Idol will try to shape and mold him to release an album that isn’t really “him”. You can tell from the lead-off single that they’ve “Top 40-fied” the song to have less raunchy guitars that it probably should have. My only hope is that his voice and talent help him rise to the top in spite of the “Idol winner” label he has now. He was far and away better than anybody else on the show. It wasn’t even close, really.
  • Harry Potter weddingI’m as big a fan of Harry Potter as the next guy. In fact, I’m already salivating at the soon-to-be-opened portion of Universal Orlando’s “Wizarding World of Harry Potter”, Diagon Alley! Having said that, however, I couldn’t imagine having my wedding while dressed as a wizard. As much as Sunshine and I had a great time together with our relaxed, care-free wedding…I simply couldn’t imagine having a Harry Potter theme. Apparently, there are people who do.
  • Tony Survivor winnerSurvivor was last week, as well. It seemed like everybody and their dog was under the impression that Tony was going to win the whole thing as we entered the finale. As I was watching things unfold, I was flabbergasted when Woo took Tony to the finals with him. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand and respect his decision based on honor, respect, and “wanting to beat the best player”. But Survivor isn’t tae kwon do. You take people to the end that you think you have a chance at beating…that’s part of the strategy. I feel bad for the guy, but Tony deserved to win. He was the “new age Russell Hantz” with at least SOME modesty, humbleness, and apologies at the end…which is why Tony won money but Russell didn’t.
  • I’m a big Mark Cuban fan, so it dismayed me to read about how he made some “racist” remarks recently in an interview. After only a couple of minutes of checking, however, I quickly found that the quotes were taken completely out of context and made to appear a certain way. Eventually the story was modified from flat-out calling the man a racist to simply insinuating it…but Cuban had to go on Twitter and defend himself from quotes taken out of context all morning last Thursday. Other “journalists” even wrote their own stories based upon the quotes and NOT about the actual interview itself. This grinds my gears to no end. We’re living in such a paranoid, maniacal, “get ‘em!!” society that all points and thoughts and theories are lost to sound bites. Journalists are so damn lazy that they’re quoting other articles and calling it their own. It’s pathetic.
  • It’s hard being the only Canadian to not give a monkey’s anus about the NHL playoffs, even WITH a Canadian team playing. I grew up in a non-sport home and the only sports I *DID* watch were (occasionally) baseball and NASCAR. I’m pretty much an NFL fan and that’s it. I don’t mind attending a live hockey game on occasion, but watching it on television or even following the standings has no appeal to me. I’m the odd one out on this, I think.
  • There aren’t a ton of movies I’m dying to go see this summer, but this is “THE ONE” for me…#GotGtrailer


  • Pebbles, my oldest daughter that I’ve only known for just over a year now, asked to get together with Sunshine and I last week. She even sent text messages telling the both of us to let us know that she was excited to get together. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Knowing that I wasn’t around for the first 15 years of her life and yet she’s still giving me this incredible opportunity to be there for her now is a blessing. In fact, to have both of my daughters contact me just to say “hi” is a blessing that I’m never, ever going to take for granted. I’ve been given a second chance with these two and I’m forever grateful.

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