Fun Music Flashback Friday – The Wild & The Young

I’ve decided to do something a little different with my “Fun Music Fridays”. If you’re like me, you’ve got a song that…when you hear it…instantly transports you back in time to when you were younger. I’ve got quite a few of these songs in my head, so I plan on writing about these “flashbacks” over the coming weeks.  Here is the first entry…

I always wanted to be a drummer as a kid. In fact, I wanted to take percussion as an instrument when I was choosing what to play entering Grade 7. My dad, however, had other ideas in mind for me. He told me that percussion was “too easy” and that I needed to pick a more difficult instrument to play if I was going to take band.

I ended up playing trombone throughout my high school years, which wasn’t so bad because…in terms of brass instruments, anyway, the trombone was probably the easiest instrument to play. If you’re out of key, you simply move the slide until you’re in key. The mouthpiece was bigger than those played by the trumpet or French horn players. I really can’t complain.

Well…except for that whole “unable to play drums” situation. That I can complain about as much as I want to.


In 1986, a song by the band Quiet Riot had hit the airwaves. Now I was a “hair metal” fan and this was one of my favourite bands at the time, so even though it wasn’t a big hit or anything, I thought it was fantastic and immediately fell in love with it.

One of the fun things I could do, if I got to school early enough, was go into the band room and play around a little bit on the percussion instruments. I could also plug a cassette into the stereo equipment and try to play along.

After a few weeks of practicing “air drums” at home, I was ready to tackle the real thing.

I remember walking into the band room and making sure it was empty. I turned on the stereo, popped in my QRIII cassette and tested the volume. I then rewound the tape to give me time to get settled in behind the drum kit.

In my mind, I absolutely NAILED it.

Let’s face it…this song doesn’t have the most difficult drum beats to master. Still, it inspired me to get behind the kit and hit all of the spots that I knew I could hit. In this day and age of YouTube, I’d already have at least 1460 views…much like this fine video.

I never joined a band. I never took the drums. But for those 3 ½ minutes, I was a star.


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