Time Capsule

time capsuleYou’ve got the opportunity of a lifetime. You can choose any ten items from your life right now to place into a time capsule that the world will open in another 100 years. Everyone on the planet will be fixated on YOUR time capsule to see what’s inside.

So what do you put in it? Do you try to define yourself with the items or do you try to define the world that you live in now? What do you find more important?

Here is what I would do…

  1. My iPhone. More than anything else, the smart phone not only defines our society but it also defines the individual. From music to photos to links to social media…there is nothing that really screams out both “individual” and “global” like the smart phone. Realistically speaking, this could potentially be the ONLY thing that is placed into a time capsule since it encapsulates so much of all of us…but that’s kind of a cheat, isn’t it?
  2.  A Blu-Ray movie. Just think…over the past thirty years we’ve gone from beta-max to VHS to DVD to Blu-Ray. Who knows how people will view movies in another 100 years? I would put in a movie like Avatar or The Avengers or Lord of the Rings…a super-popular movie to show our future what we watched and were entertained by.
  3. A penny. Here in Canada, we’ve gotten rid of the penny. Everything that you purchase at stores are either rounded up or rounded down now…and the penny is slowly becoming extinct. Having one preserved would be smart.
  4. My email address and password. I’ll be long gone in 100 years, so why not open myself up to let the future see all of the things that I see on a daily basis? From personal communications to junk mail, having access to my email could give a lot of detail into how our society communicated.
  5. A small photo album of my city. I don’t know about you, but I realize that the structures within my city have changed dramatically over the past 100 years. It would be fascinating to compare photos with what the city looks like in another century.
  6. A local newspaper. I think it’s important to capture printed news, as it is already a dying form of information that very well may be dead and buried in another 100 years.
  7. A few magazines. I would include different types of magazines…from Sports Illustrated to Entertainment Weekly to Time to Cosmo. Why? You can gather a TON of information on our society today from just a few different magazines.
  8. Some snacks. Obviously, I’m not looking to have somebody try a Snickers after it’s been sitting around for 100 years…but who knows what people will be eating? So why not throw in a Snickers, a Kit Kat, some Reese’s Pieces, and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos just to give people a sense of what we snacked on. I would ensure I wrote down that these weren’t FOOD food items, but rather snack items.
  9. One outfit. This means a shirt, a pair of jeans, underwear, socks, and a pair of shoes. I realize this is technically more than one item, but the end result would be pretty important to the opener of the capsule.
  10. My family wedding photo. I would like to show that, above all else, my family meant more to me than any of those other things. That at the end of the day, material items didn’t matter…it was surrounding yourselves with loved ones. THAT is what I would like to have people in the future take away from MY time capsule.

What about you? What would YOU want to put in your time capsule?


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