Day 57 – 7:12am

The running journey continues over at my Couch to 5K diary. With the 9-week program coming to an end, I’ve had some time to think about a few things…

I Got Off The Couch

Week 8, Day 1 is now complete.

I’m doing my best to take the disappointment from last week and turn it into motivation for this week. I realized a couple of things this morning.

1. The mind wanders a lot when I run. Sometimes I’m concentrating on what I’m doing, with being happy with my pace or trying to figure out if that pain in my knee is real or imagined. Sometimes I’m thinking about life and where I want it to lead. And sometimes I just daydream. I never thought I would enjoy running, but it can be quite peaceful when you’re in “the zone”.

2. Unfortunately, my “zone” doesn’t happen enough right now. I know I’ve got a lot of work to do, and at this point I’m totally willing to do what it takes to get to where I eventually want to be. I feel more motivated…

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