My Phone Needs A Snugg

I was contacted by The Snugg and asked to review one of their products. I don’t normally do product reviews, but this seemed like one that I could get behind as I was looking for a new cover for my phone.

So what is a Snugg? The folks at The Snugg manufacture and sell high quality premium cases for the latest and top devices on the market such as the iPad, iPhone, and Nexus products. They are platinum sellers on the Amazon marketplace and ship to over 200 countries worldwide.

Snugg 1I chose the Snugg that I wanted to try and it was shipped to me. It was exactly what I thought it would be, so it met my expectations in that respect. On the other hand, there were limitations that were obvious, too.

Let’s start off with the look. I liked how this looked. It was sleek and had a great look to it. I liked the color choices (I went with a tan) and I thought it would be something I could “whip out” in public and not be embarrassed to have.

Snugg 2It had a leather feel to it and could easily slip in and out of my pants pocket, which was something that my current bulky protective case couldn’t do. I liked how it felt and I thought the size worked.

From a protection standpoint? I’m not convinced. I’m not entirely sure that if I dropped this on the floor that the phone would be protected. It’s possible, I just didn’t feel it could. The Snugg website claims that their leather cases provide a “tough, resilient, protective, and wipe-clean exterior.” 

The biggest drawback, for me, was the inability to view my phone without physically taking it out of the case itself. As you can see below, my case is big and bulky but you can still see what’s going on.

Snugg vs bulky case

In fact, I can just sit my phone in front of me while I’m at work and see whatever notifications I need to see. If it happens to fall over or get knocked on the floor, I’m still okay because the phone is pretty protected.

So while the Snugg is fantastic for convenience purposes (my current bulky protective case is a pain to try to get out of my pants pockets without taking 3/4 of my pocket out with it), it’s just not for me in terms of practicality purposes.

Having said that, if I only used my iPhone for phone calls (and didn’t live off of the dang thing), then the Snugg would make a LOT of sense for me to have. Where they also have cases for iPads, tablets, and even Kindles…I can absolutely see those being a great form of protection and something I would highly recommend.

If you want more information, please check out the following:

Snugg website

Snugg on Facebook

Snugg on Twitter

Snugg on YouTube

Snugg on Google +


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