A CBG Family Easter

I had done a 5-hour round trip on Friday morning to pick up my son for the weekend and bring him back to my home with Sunshine and her girls. We didn’t have a ton of things planned to do over the ensuing 48 hours, but we were looking to have fun as a family and he was pretty excited about it all.

Thumbs up!

We had a big Easter turkey dinner on Friday. Sunshine had done a ton of work preparing while I was out picking up Ankle Biter. The meal was, as usual, fantastic.

Dinner time

The kids and I all had our fill of turkey and ended the night watching Hop.

On Saturday we decided to lay low for the morning. Sunshine and I both went out for runs at separate times, and we head out the door around 11am to get a bit of shopping done before going to the movies.

I gotta say, I’m NOT a fan of heavy crowds. They turn a good mood sour in a heartbeat. So when we were shocked by the hundreds of cars lined-up waiting to enter the shopping district of the city, my mood changed. We parked at Costco and walked in with the ten thousand other customers. OMFG…I immediately regretted the decision and couldn’t wait to leave. I mean, the kids were fine…it was just wall-to-wall people and carts and frickin’ traffic jams in the aisles. INSANE.

We picked up some movie tickets for the kids (along with a few other items) and left as quickly as possible. To avoid being caught in crowds and being late for the movie, we got there about 40 minutes early and sat in a near -empty theatre instead. The kids didn’t complain…Muppets Most Wanted was a movie we had all wanted to see for a very long time. Thankfully, because of lowered expectations (the movie hasn’t done overly well at the box office), we were all really entertained by the movie. It was quite good, actually.

Movie time

We played some Yahtzee and some Quirkle to wrap-up the day. We take pride in trying to do as many family-oriented activities as possible. Sunshine, especially, doesn’t like the kids being addicted to technology, so we didn’t sit in front of the television on a Saturday night or let them be iPod-zombies. We had a family games night, instead. No complaints from me.

We ended the night with me trying to top 11,000 steps on my pedometer, so we threw on a couple of songs and all ended up dancing around the living room to “Ice Ice Baby”. Good times with great kids!


Sunday morning found that the Easter bunny had visited all three kids. They were quite happy with their various hauls of chocolate, t-shirts, and games.

Sunshine and I had gone outside before 7am to set-up a backyard Easter egg hunt. This turned out to be only three minutes long, but it was a fun three minutes that the kids were thankful for. They suggested we do this every year. If you’re so inclined, the hunt in it’s entirety is here:

So yeah…the kids were excited once all was said and done.

After a fantastic pancake breakfast, we cleaned up, packed up, and dropped the girls off with their dad. Sunshine and I then took Ankle Biter back home to his mom’s before having dinner with my dad and his fiance on the way back home.

We finished our weekend by hiding Easter eggs at our office for this morning’s office egg hunt. Yeah…we did that.

And that was our weekend. How was yours?


One thought on “A CBG Family Easter

  1. You’ve seen my Facebook page so you have some idea what my weekend was like – visiting some remote and beautiful areas of the Hill Country in Texas and eating like there was no tomorrow!

    Miss you guys. Sending love.

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