The Do-Over

genie-lampYou’re going through an antique store. You come across a pretty cool looking lamp…like one of those lamps you’d see in a movie where a genie pops out of it. You decide to buy it because heck…it’s a really cool freakin’ lamp!

You take it home and decide to give it a rub. I mean…what the heck, right?


He/She isn’t going to give you the normal “3 wishes” routine, though. They are going to give you ONE CHANCE to go back into your own life and have a do-over. ONE THING that you can change.

So…what is it? What is that one thing that you would go back into your life and change? Is there one regret that has always eaten away at you? Is there one moment in time that you wish you could have back somehow?

I’ve thought about this because, on the surface, there are a TON of things I wish I could go back and do over again…

–          I’d change my hair while in high school. I looked ridiculous…even for the 80’s.

1980's CBG

–          I’d actually study hard and ensure that I didn’t get kicked out of not just one university, but TWO!!

–          I’d work my ass off to get better jobs once I finished university because, quite frankly, being a DJ or a suit salesman or a waiter was fun but it really didn’t do anything for my long-term career aspirations.

–          I wouldn’t have walked away from my first child…having to wait 15 years before getting the chance to meet her in person and start a new relationship.


–          I wouldn’t have let my second child move away with her mom. I would have fought to keep her closer to me.

Rugrat - August 2011

–          I wouldn’t have made financial decisions that would adversely affect my credit on more than one occasion.

–          I would have made sure that I was at my mother’s side in the moments leading up to her passing away. My dad, my brother, and I had left the hospital to grab some lunch when we got the call. We didn’t make it back in time to say a final goodbye to her.

mom 8

Sigh…so many things, from the trivial to the serious. I don’t know if I could choose just one thing.

Of course, I don’t know if I should even choose anything at all. If there is one thing I’ve learned from watching Back To The Future and The Butterfly Effect is that any little detail altered in the past…any little change made in history…can affect the future in a massive way.

I’m in a really good point in my life right now. I’ve built pretty decent relationships with my two oldest daughters. I’ve got a good relationship with my son. My step-daughters are MY daughters. I’ve got an incredible wife and I’ve finally got a good job. Everything’s coming up CBG at the moment.

wedding 2

For as many mistakes that I’ve made (and I’ve made a TON), I feel as though I’m finally beginning to live the life that I’ve always wanted to live. No, not everything is perfect…but it’s pretty damn awesome. I couldn’t imagine, for one second, doing anything that would prevent my current life from taking place.

So while some of you may have at least one thing in your past that you would want to do over again, I can’t say that I would.  I’m at peace with my past, I’m happy with my present, and I’m excited for my future.

I’d have to thank that genie for the opportunity before graciously declining his/her offer.


THEN I’d hope for that whole “3 wishes” thing!!


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