The Upcoming Family Vacation (part two)

As I mentioned yesterday, both Sunshine and I are in the planning stages of taking the entire family to Orlando for a theme park family extravaganza!

There is, however, one massive catch:  THE COST.


After going to a travel agent, the cost of a 6-person family flying from Canada to Orlando and spending a week doing theme park stuff is going to be $10,000.


I should preface that by saying that staying at a Disney resort will cost $10,000 (not including ANY dining plan). That is a HUGE chunk of change. And even if we stayed off-site, we’re still looking at about $9,000.

I suppose here is the part in my blog where I offer to write GLORIOUS WALT DISNEY WORLD REVIEW POSTS IN EXCHANGE FOR DISNEY DISCOUNTS!!


The only chance we have of lowering that price is if we catch a good deal on a flight. The way it stands now, we’re looking at $650 for round-trip airfare to Orlando and back to Halifax. On the surface, that’s hot a horrible price…but when you include SIX PEOPLE, it adds up REALLY fast.

I suppose here is the part in my blog where I offer to write GLORIOUS AIRLINE REVIEW POSTS IN EXCHANGE FOR SOME FLIGHT DISCOUNTS!!


At this point, it’s obvious that we’re going to have to take out a loan or a line of credit in order to pay for this trip. Thankfully, we’re not in a bad financial position and owe (relatively) very little in debt…so we won’t be burying ourselves or putting ourselves in a really bad place by doing so.

It’s just that spending that much money kind of…well…it sucks.

But as I said yesterday, this is a dream trip for me and it’s the perfect time for us as a family to head down. All we can do is go down to the bank and see what they can do for us. Fingers crossed, in another month or two, we’ll have the ball rolling on a massive Sunshine/CBG family trip!

Well…hopefully, anyway.


5 thoughts on “The Upcoming Family Vacation (part two)

  1. wow, 10K for Disney is a lot, but also I guess I am not surprised when you add it up for 6 people! A dream trip is worth it, of course, but not the easiest to swallow $$$!

  2. I don’t know the distance or the cost to do so but it is MUCH cheaper to fly out of the states to Florida. Can you drive into the states and then fly? I live 3 hours from the US border and drive to buffalo to fly anywhere. Prices are less than half per person. Can fly round trip buffalo to florida for around $200/person return.

    1. Y’know, I considered driving to Bangor and flying out of there, but I can only imagine the insanity the three kids would go through driving 8+ hours to get there in the back seat of a Kia Forte.

      I just checked and the difference (once you include gas, an overnight hotel, and food for the drive) is negligible as the tickets out of Bangor end up being over $4,100 and that’s with one stop en route to Orlando.

      Sigh…we’re pretty much stuck in terms of flying. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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