Eating Healthier or Not Eating As Bad?

eating-pizzaMy most excellent friend, Random Esquire, asked me a question the other day: “Do you eat healthy?”

It took me a bit of a second to reply because my immediate response was, “Hell yeah I do!” I realized, though, that it wasn’t really the case.

Let me explain…

A few years ago, while living alone, my dinner would consist of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Maybe some McDonald’s if I had my son stay for supper. Perhaps a giant bag of Corn Twists with a bottle (or two) of Pepsi or Dr. Pepper to wash it all down.

Yeah…I was a pathetically unhealthy mess.

Fast forward to now and I’m eating breakfast (which I never did before), I’m normally eating a healthy lunch and then I’m having a cooked dinner. I snack sometimes during the day and evenings, but 90% of my meals are homemade and prepared by the REALLY healthy person in my marriage: my wife.

Now here’s the thing…I told Random some of the things I’ve had in the past week to eat, and the dude’s response was, “Umm…that’s not really very healthy.”

My retort? “It’s a LOT healthier than I used to eat!”

Not sure if having bacon, eggs, & white toast for supper is considered unhealthy to most, but I think it’s borderline. I think having a ground-turkey burger for lunch is borderline healthy. Heck…I think having pulled pork is borderline healthy, for that matter.

Obviously, because my wife is so healthy she cooks a LOT of other things that are really healthy; fish, veggie, & chicken dishes are normal fare for us. I love the majority of the food that she prepares and I’m so absolutely grateful to have someone who actually wants to cook for me (I haven’t had that in my life since I loved at home).

So I guess the question becomes: What is healthy? Is healthy to someone not as healthy to someone else or not healthy at all? Am I eating healthier or simply not eating as bad as I used to?


8 thoughts on “Eating Healthier or Not Eating As Bad?

  1. Healthy eating in my opinion, is about “The Big Picture”. You can’t look at a stand alone meal as the basis for whether or not someone is a healthy eater. Sure, I have nights when I eat bacon and eggs for dinner…but that’s balanced by eating plenty of salads for lunch, and oatmeal and fruit for breakfast. No one eats 100% healthy all the time. It’s not realistic and dammit, it’s just not fun if you can’t let loose and eat some Doritos now and again.

    Now, having said that, I also believe that healthy eating should make up 90-95% of one’s diet, if you want to “be healthy” and maintain a healthy weight. And while you certainly eat a lot healthier than you used to when you lived alone, you definitely have a lot of room for improvement in that area.

  2. I think ‘healthy’ is relatively objective in the sense that we know some foods are just better for us than others. You’re definitely making moves in all the right directions and lord knows that your wife won’t let you go back to your old ways. 🙂

    GO, CBG!


  3. I think what you listed wasn’t UNhealthy – nothing wrong with a serving (not four servings, mind you) of bacon, or a burger, or whatever. I do agree that ‘eating healthy’ is somewhat subjective, though I think it’s also about balance, eating homecooked meals, real food more than processed and lots of fruits and veggies (my fave!) and if you are feeling wild and crazy, oatmeal! 😉 c’mon you knew I’d say oatmeal. 😉

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