Fun Music Friday

I’m a very musical person at heart. I’m a former club DJ and former university radio station program director who still lives, breathes, and loves music each and every day. It’s a passion for me…not just a past time.

So with this said, this is “Fun Music Friday”…which is just a collection of songs that I want to listen to that will help jump-start my weekend. And hopefully you’ll find a song or two that you’ve never heard before…

“Pay Day” – Classified

This is a local rapper who, over the past few years, has developed quite a following across Canada. His songs are old-school-esque, basically meaning that they use samples and are meant to have catchy hooks. This song is excellent for today since it’s my OWN pay day. LOVE this!

“Madness” – Muse

The first time I heard this song I was sucked in. A song about love and post-relationship thoughts…whether or not one was really in love or not, and then the end-of-song realization that he is now ready…but it may be too late. This live version is spectacular (and note the one NSFW word).

“Crazy For You” – Hedley

This is a pop band that is one of Canada’s best. To my knowledge, the lead singer of this band is the only singer to ever have a legitimate “Canadian superstar” music career after appearing on the short-lived Canadian Idol. This song is, quite frankly, the perfect pop song.

“Jealous (I ain’t with it)” – Chromeo

I honestly don’t mean to have a “Canada love fest” today, but this is another new release that’s by a Canadian band I’ve never heard of until now. ONE LISTEN and you’ll be hooked. Y’know…if you like Jackson 5-esque R&B dance music.

“Honky tonk women” – Travis Tritt

I admit…I’m not the biggest country fan in the world. Quite frankly, I’m not the biggest Rolling Stones fan, either. But there is something about this cover version that makes me wish for a nice, summer evening to cruise around with the windows down and the volume up.

Have a GREAT weekend, everybody!!


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