Appreciating The Music Today

It’s funny how the world looks now compared to when you were a teenager.

Think about it…all of the things that you didn’t know; all of the things that you didn’t know that you THOUGHT you knew; the shock and awe of learning so many new things about the world. It was a magical time.

Musically, I was going through a very interesting time in my life. I used music as an escape for me. So whether it was me rebelling against my parents while listening to Twisted Sister and Quiet Riot or thinking about what sex was really like while listening to Prince and Madonna, or even wishing I was cooler than I was by listening to the Beastie Boys or Kool Moe Dee…my tastes in music were all over the proverbial map.

Original Platinum BlondeAs I’ve grown older, I’ve had the ability to really appreciate and experience a lot of music all over again; much of it for the first time. For example, I can listen to and totally appreciate groups like Duran Duran and Huey Lewis & the News for the talented pop bands that they were. At the time, I might have felt a little “too cool for school” and didn’t really listen to them that much. Now? I’ve got a whole new level of respect for what they did. Hell…I only knew Billy Joel for his 80’s songs. I was introduced to his music a couple of years ago through an in-depth interview he did with Howard Stern and it was like hearing a new artist for the first time. I now count Joel as one of my all-time favourite artists…and I only really experienced his 70’s songs over the past couple of years.

Platinum BlondeThese things went through my brain as Sunshine and I bought tickets to see Platinum Blonde a few weeks ago. Y’see, these guys were the Canadian version of Duran Duran (for a complete lack of better comparison). They released a couple of albums and were absolutely massive in Canada. They had looks, they had talent, and they had catchy pop songs that the girls went NUTS for. Because of this, I never really considered myself a huge fan of theirs as a teenager. I enjoyed some songs, sure…but I certainly never would have paid money to see them in concert.

Fast forward 20+ years. After the band broke up and time passed, they decided to get back together and begin to tour again; just for fun. Crowds remembered them and they continued to work together.  Back in 2012, they recorded a new album and released a new single and video. Still…I didn’t pay much attention and continued on with my life.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I saw that this band was playing at the local casino. Sunshine was a HUGE fan of the band as a teenager and was THRILLED that they were touring again. We got tickets and she was over-the-moon.

We both then entered some online contests and ended up winning backstage photo ops with the band. I can’t even begin to tell you just how excited she was to have this opportunity. I mean, try to remember a rock star or pop star that you absolutely ADORED when you were a teenager. Now, try to picture yourself finally meeting them in person. That was Sunshine’s situation.

As we sat at the venue waiting for the concert to start, we took a moment to make a quick video…

I’ll admit…as the concert began there were a few songs that I didn’t recognize. I even turned to Sunshine a couple of times and kinda rolled my eyes because I didn’t know what he was playing. Then I realized that I still enjoyed the sounds, so I stopped rolling my eyes. I then began to recognize one song…then another…then they played the Police classic “Message In A Bottle” (they started out as a Police cover-band)…then another song I recognized.

Soon, I was singing along with almost every song that came on. I can’t tell you how many times I turned to Sunshine and saw her smile a mile wide. She was absolutely in her glory and feeling like a teenager again. At one point, they played “Situation Critical“…which was a song I enjoyed back in the day, but on this night the pop song was turned into a crowd-pleasing rocker that had everybody on their feet singing along, including me (here’s a video from the show, but it doesn’t really do the performance justice).

I’ll admit…lead singer Mark Holmes is a good lookin’ man and is absolutely JACKED. Don’t believe me? Check out their video from their latest album for the first single, Beautiful:


So through the combination of songs that I didn’t know but enjoyed, the songs I recognized and sang along to, and the three new songs that I not only enjoyed but ended up buying off iTunes the next day…I’d say it was a great time.

While I’ll never be the kind of fan that Sunshine was (or still is), I’m now a much bigger fan of the band than I ever was before. This concert really gave them a chance to prove that they weren’t a novelty act and actually had a ton of talent to go along with their looks.

We then got ready for the backstage photo ops…

Sunshine couldn’t have been HAPPIER to be the meat in a Mark & Sergio sandwich.

Platinum Blonde

I was next to the drummer, Dan Todd (who was incredible on this night…banging the drums like his life depended on it and singing his heart out), so I was fine with that.

So at the end of the night, this was a helluva concert and one that really got me wondering who else I would enjoy seeing live in concert…bands that maybe I didn’t give full appreciation to when I was younger, but that I really enjoy now.

And here’s a thing about Platinum Blonde that I only know now after doing a bit of research…they didn’t NEED to get back together for money. The two original members were both doing their own thing and were making lives of their own. They got back together because they WANTED to. They made an album and are out there supporting it. As a fan, I not only appreciate that…but I respect it. Kudos, Platinum Blonde.

And in case you were wondering…yes, at the end of the night Sunshine was still riding high from the concert AND the photo op…


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