Sometimes It’s Okay To Lie To Your Spouse

LiesSome may call lying to your spouse a bad thing. For me, whenever I lie to Sunshine it’s for a good cause.

Now I know that some of you might be rolling your eyes. “It’s NEVER a good reason to lie to your spouse!” I have to disagree, though, because when it comes to surprises…I’m ALL about lying!

I bring this up because I’ve become quite stealthy when it comes to surprising Sunshine with good things. For example, my proposal! I mean, everybody in my life was aware of my intentions before I actually did it…but thankfully nobody spilled the beans. I even blogged about it to tell the world while we were cruising the Caribbean seas…and she had no idea until the moment I dropped to one knee.

But it’s not only that one time. I do my best to listen to her (believe me…I’m one of the most inattentive people on the planet) so when something sticks (and it’s rare…lol), I remember it.

Thus is the case with this year’s Valentine’s Day gift.

In previous years, both Sunshine and I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day. I mean, it’s a total cash grab. Why do we need to spend more money than we can afford just to prove to the other that we love them? We both do our best every single day to tell each other how we feel so that it’s NEVER taken for granted.

This year I felt a bit differently about things.

Obviously, we’re still in “newlywed” territory as it’s only been six months since we went through our nuptials. Because of that, love is still very much in the air. Another reason, though, is that because of my new job I can afford to do little things here and there that I wasn’t able to do previously. Nothing lavish, mind you…but just a little something more.

So back in December (yawp!!), we were visiting the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market as we normally do. We were searching around for last-minute Christmas gifts and such when we saw one of our favourite vendors. She makes jewelry and was responsible for Sunshine’s necklace at our wedding (and her daughters’ necklaces, too, if I’m not mistaken). Sunshine saw a piece…a gorgeous one-of-a-kind necklace that was on display like a lighthouse beacon in the night. She fell in love with it but, unfortunately, we had decided that we weren’t going to buy each other anything for Christmas (I was just coming off a month of unemployment, after all) and on top of that, the vendor was only going to be around for one more week before leaving the market on a permanent basis.

I immediately had wheels turning in my mind for my “big plan”. The next day I messaged the vendor on Facebook and asked her about the piece. She agreed to hold onto it until January, when I would be able to pick it up after the craziness of Christmas had died down.

The next weekend was the final one for the vendor. As we visited her, Sunshine noticed that the necklace was no longer on display. I just shrugged my shoulders and pretended to not really care that much (I’m good at that!).

A couple of weeks went by before I was able to meet up with the vendor by my work and purchase the necklace. Because Sunshine and I work in the same office now, it’s 99% impossible to sneak anything by her. I do, however, have my ways.

I had the necklace at my desk for well over a month…just waiting for Valentine’s Day to come and go. I wanted to make sure that she knew that not only did I love her, but that I was always going to do whatever I could to pay attention and try to really listen to her (again…not my strong suit).

Needless to say, she was VERY happy with her gift. And get this…she COMPLETELY lied to me on Valentines Day, too!! She concocted an entire story about visiting a friend who was leaving or something or other, and was taking a half-day from work to go see her before she left. I dunno…instead of being suspicious of the timing of her “visit”, I was more excited about how I was going to sneak my gift home to her. All the while, Sunshine was planning a HUGE romantic dinner for the two of us along with a gift of her very own.

This is why, my friends, it’s sometimes okay to lie to your spouse. The end results can be quite positive!


One thought on “Sometimes It’s Okay To Lie To Your Spouse

  1. I am glad that things aligned so that the two of you could have fun in planning these surprises for each other and as you said, half the fun is not only seeing the surprised look on their face but in all the leg work it takes in planning so stealthily! Definitely a memorable day for both of you and one you’ll always remember. Surprises truly do make things seem that much more special.

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