It’s Funny How Life Turns Out

Life is funnyAs many of you know, I started a new job back in December. Over a month into things and I honestly have never been as challenged or as happy in a job as I am right now. It’s funny how life turns out…I look back at all of my previous jobs and life directions on where I could have gone.

– Radio DJ. I’ve blogged about this one before, actually. At one time in my life, I was a club DJ and played the hits of the 90’s to a packed Saturday night dance floor. I absolutely loved what I did because I was good at it. The rush from mixing two songs together and having the dance floor stay full was one I likened to the rush from drugs…only it was a natural high that I can’t fully explain. I stopped doing it because, honestly, I was getting older and needed to find a “real” job. I could have easily moved into wedding DJ-ing, but playing songs like Old Time Rock & Roll and I Knew The Bride every bloody weekend would make me want to gouge my ears out.

– Bank manager. This is a job my dad held for years and, quite frankly, he always wanted me to follow him into that area. He was an RBC bank manager back in the 70’s and 80’s as I was growing up. We moved from town to town as he was transferred from one branch to another. To me, that calling would have been the “safe” one…a job that I could easily do; a job I could be hired for due to my educational background; a job that I could call a career. But quite frankly, I believe that I would be unfulfilled and my job satisfaction would wane…thus I decided to not pursue this avenue.

– Call center “person”. I have had the pleasure (and DISpleasure) of working in various call centers over the course of my life. I’ve worked in fun centers like AOL Canada and in business centers like ExxonMobil. I’ve worked for less reputable call centers and haven’t had nearly as much fun or job security. I know friends who have made their career out of going from call center to call center (there are a number of them in my neck of the woods). I, for one, couldn’t wait to get off the phone. I wanted an office and a computer and a reason to use my nerdy skills. That’s what I have now, so this career choice certainly wouldn’t have turned out positively for me.

– Lawyer. Isn’t that the dream of pretty much every parent out there? One day my child will grow up to be a lawyer! There were moments when I thought about becoming a student of law, but I never pursued it because I didn’t think I was smart enough even though I was thoroughly fascinated by law. One of my best friends is a lawyer based out of Chicago, and I envy their life regularly. They work hard, obviously, but they are rewarded for their hard work. I always look back and wonder what my life would have turned out like should I have pursued this great profession.

– Restaurant manager. I honestly thought that I was being raised for this position. My dad ran a pizza restaurant for 20 years and I was basically raised in. I started my work career folding pizza boxes for two cents a box when I was 12. I moved up into being a dishwasher before working the cash register at 15. My dad got permission from the local liquor inspector to let me become a waiter at 16 (i.e. I was allowed to sell liquor to customers) and I waited tables throughout my high school and university years. I ended up managing my dad’s restaurant back in 2000…but the conflict between him and I led to a falling out of sorts. It also turned me off of the role as a career choice. It’s a shame, because at one point I honestly thought this was my future.

– Realtor. My dad’s final career before retiring was as a realtor. He was good at it, too. The benefits he had were his “no fear” attitude and ability to talk to anybody straight-up with no bull…and in a small town where everybody knew who he was, that worked in his favour. I was always intrigued by real estate, but I quickly learned (especially over the last year or two) that unless I stayed in a small town that there were HUNDREDS of realtors in any given city, many of which were barely able to get by because of (a) the bad real estate market and (b) the intense competition. Only a select few get to thrive and succeed, but the rest constantly struggle. I was never one who could knock on a stranger’s door, so this job certainly wasn’t the career choice for me.

At the end of the day, it’s interesting to look back at all of my previous jobs and see where I have ended up. It’s also interesting to see the many paths my life could have taken.

As it stands, I’m right where I want to be. Quite frankly, I’m right where I should be. Everything happens for a reason.


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