Happy 5-Year Bloggiversary

i am 5I got a notification yesterday that I was celebrating five years of blogging on WordPress. I thought that was a pretty great accomplishment, considering all of the blogs that I’ve followed over the past 5+ years that have fallen to the wayside over time. Some bloggers have gotten married and had to change their “single” persona, some bloggers found happiness in their life and didn’t know how to translate that to words (most bloggers start writing out of unhappiness or loneliness), some bloggers simply didn’t have anything else to say, and some bloggers, unfortunately, passed away.

While the amount of my writing has decreased over the past year or so, that’s more to do with living with Sunshine and simply not having the time to write more than anything else. I still write here on this blog on a semi-regular basis. I also have a travel blog that serves as an outlet for my creative side (plus I just love documenting where I’ve been…for no other reason than to have a distinct and detailed account for when I get older and can’t remember anything). I still have the “guilty pleasure” blog, but I seem to have run out of a lot of guilty pleasures so that hasn’t been updated in awhile.

I appreciate the friends I’ve met through this blog (and even more-so the ones I’ve ended up meeting in person!) and I really appreciate those who have continued to read this over the years.

I thought it would be fun to share the original post that kicked things off here back on January 21, 2009…


I guess the point of this thing isn’t really to be cute or funny or unique or original, but to just BE. That’s what I plan on doing.

I’ve been writing a blog now for almost a year over on another host.  It started off as something I wanted friends to read, but as I continued on day after day…week after week…month after month…the blog became more of a burden because I was debating whether or not I could be myself.  If I revealed something personal or said something “off-color”, what would my friends say?

So I’ve decided to start over…start fresh…begin anew…

You can expect random ramblings from a thirty-something divorced father of two.  Although, technically, I’ve just been separated for almost two years…not quite divorced yet.  That’s a story for another day.

I might transfer some stories over from my old blog from time to time, too…primarily to fill space (heh) but also to establish who I am and where I’m coming from.

And me?  You can just call me CBG…the Canadian bald guy who used to have hair before this world drove me to lose it (pun intended…heh).

Nice to meet ya!


8 thoughts on “Happy 5-Year Bloggiversary

  1. LOVE the first post throwback!! Happy blog-o-versary 🙂 reminds me that I guess I have been blogging about five years too, starting my old blog – only a MONTH after your first post! how cool/weird is that? 🙂

  2. Congrats! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you & Sunshine! I can’t wait until we are able to meet and better yet maybe go on a cruise together one day!

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