Money Doesn’t Bring Happiness

For years and years now, I’ve been of the belief that money would bring me happiness. I mean, I’d been without it as an adult all my life so I just assumed that if I had some, it would make everything better.

Now, I’m still of that belief…but I’m also of the belief that money doesn’t automatically bring happiness. I do have reasons for saying that…

On Friday night, Sunshine and I went out on a date. We have been making a conscious effort to go on dates in 2014 because we don’t want to become complacent as a married couple. We took up an offer to attend the opening night of Neptune Theatre’s Having Hope At Home. We have never gone to the theatre before, so this was going to be a treat for us.

We arrived and were confused as to where to go or what to do. We eventually settled in and enjoyed a pretty predictable and by-the-numbers play. We were slightly dressed up, but not overly so. It was weird to see so many people (mostly older) all standing around with their dressy clothes and drinking their “adult beverages” while mingling. A lot of people seemed to know each other, which told me that either our city is even smaller than I thought…or that these people were regulars.

We enjoyed the night, but weren’t blown away. We wondered if this is how “the other half” lives. Even if the play would have been better, we wondered if it was that big of a deal.

Yesterday morning we met some friends for brunch at a restaurant called Edna. One of our friends had a $100 gift card and wanted to share it with us. Both Sunshine and I had looked at the menu previously and weren’t blown away by what we saw, but thought we’d give it a chance.

We waited a solid 35 minutes for a table at 11 o’clock in the morning. It stayed like that pretty much the entire time we were there, too. When we finally sat down, we saw that the daily special was the following…

Breakfast specialUmmm…steak’n’lobster’eggs?? SIGN ME UP!!!

Let me say up front that our server was fantastic. Having said that, the food was (using a term I hear on MasterChef all the time) “pedestrian”. There wasn’t a ton of flavour with the lobster, the striploin was decent, and the rest of the greens & potatoes were something I could have gotten at any local diner serving breakfast.

We enjoyed each other’s company but all four of us agreed that we probably wouldn’t go back if we had to pay for the meal ourselves (it actually came to $93). There were a ton of people there…hipsters wearing beards and plaid alongside of seniors ordering beer and wine with their brunch…so it’s not like this place wasn’t popular. It just wasn’t for us.

And that’s when it hit me…having the money to attend the theatre every month or having steak’n’lobster for brunch doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for me and Sunshine. Having the money to do these things doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to make us happy.

I’d like to think that if we ever “came into money”, that we’d make the most of it in our own way. We’d go on trips, we’d enjoy the occasional night out at a fancier restaurant than what we’re used to…but the money wouldn’t define us.

Just because it’s expensive, that doesn’t make it “good”.

It was a lesson learned and one that we certainly won’t forget any time soon.


One thought on “Money Doesn’t Bring Happiness

  1. completely agree!! sometimes the best meal is not at some 4 star hoity toity place, but the place around the corner that you love for its down home cooking. Same with going to the theater or something out of your norm, yes, it’s different but is it as fun as say, ice skating at a local rink and laughing at each other falling down, or simply taking a walk and window shopping? Not always. Great post 🙂

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