Best & Worst Movies of 2013

As you may know from my blog, I’m a HUGE movie fan. I’m not one of those movie “snobs”, though, who only likes indie films or period pieces. I’m someone who loves “pop culture”, so I do my best to appreciate all films.

Having said that, I thought 2013 was a pretty weak year for quality movies. There were very few REALLY good movies and a TON of bad ones. Therefore, here is my list of the best and worst of the year…

The HeatBEST: The Heat – I can’t remember the last time that Sunshine and I walked into a movie theatre to watch a comedy and laughed practically the entire way through. I’m a huge fan of Melissa McCarthy and I think this movie was tailor-made for her and for Sandra Bullock. This movie was crude and vile and offensive…and we loved every minute of it.  The characters were predictable, but the writing and the acting totally made up for it. We don’t have very many blu-rays in our collection, but this is one of them.

Identity ThiefWORST: Identity Thief – Here’s the thing…as much as I’m a huge fan of Melissa McCarthy, the same character doesn’t work for every single movie. This movie was not only ridiculous in terms of the set-up, but the completely unrealistic storyline and the irredeemable characters made this film torturous to watch. In fact, Sunshine and I stopped watching and turned this movie off with about 20 minutes left to go. We just couldn’t take it any more and don’t even care that we have no idea how the movie ends. There was simply NO WAY to turn it around.

Pacific RimBEST: Pacific Rim – I completely realize that this movie isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and that’s fine. I also completely realize that this is a by-the-numbers movie that just happens to have incredible special effects. It is the effects, however, that propel this movie to the top of my favourites list for 2013. To watch the Kaiju face off against the Jaegers is something that looks incredibly realistic, and that’s the whole point of this movie. I’ll ignore the mediocre acting and sub-par character development just to appreciate the amazing CGI.

Grown Ups 2WORST: Grown Ups 2 – Sunshine and I turned this movie off after 15 minutes. Seriously. The opening scenes reminded me of cheesy 80’s comedies and not in a good way.

Just horrific to watch. HORRIFIC.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugBEST: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – I saw this movie in IMAX 3D and I’m already looking forward to seeing it again, this time on a smaller screen so I can appreciate the more finer details. The movie was fantastic and completely made-up for the silliness of the first movie. While it wasn’t as epic as any of the Lord of the Rings films, it was still an excellent movie worthy of being considered one of the year’s best.

After EarthWORST: After Earth – This was yet another movie that was turned off after 15 minutes. Actually, we may have lasted 20 minutes before giving up. The storyline was convoluted and Will Smith’s character was ridiculously over-the-top and unbelievable. Sorry Will…I’ve seen you act a LOT better.

EpicBEST: The Croods/Despicable Me 2/Epic – There were a lot of animated movies this year, many of which I watched due to being the father to the movies’ target audience. These three stood out to me primarily because of their overall entertainment value. The Croods was unique in its premise and, quite frankly, was extremely well acted and presented. I really enjoyed the characters and thought it was a fun movie. Despicable Me 2 wasn’t as entertaining as the original movie was, but it was still a LOT of fun. Epic was one of the most unique animated movies I’ve seen in quite some time. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it and, if I had to choose, I think I’d go with it as my favourite animated movie of the year.

Hangover 3WORST: The Hangover 3 – I don’t know what made us think that the third movie would be any good, especially knowing how bad the second movie was. Again, if we lasted 15 minutes I’d be surprised. Just abysmal. The ridiculous premise negated the patience I had to sit through more than 15 minutes of UNfunny movie. They really should have stopped after the first one.

There are still a number of movies that I want to see that I haven’t yet (Gravity, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Frozen) and a lot of movies that were just “okay” (Man of Steel, Thor 2, Star Trek Into Darkness, We’re The Millers), but overall the above mentioned movies were the ones that stood out the most for me.

What about you? What was your favourite movie of 2013? What was your least favourite?

Sound off below!


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