My Concert Bucket List

I was looking at my Last.FM stats the other day and looked at my “Overall Top Artists Played”. I realized that I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen five of my top eight artists live in concert. For a guy living in a fairly remote part of North America, that seemed pretty impressive to me. It also got me thinking about revising a list I had done a couple of years ago, only because I find my tastes in music have varied a bit and priorities have changed.

Some artists, like KISS and AC/DC, I’ve had the good fortune to have seen live and in person. Some artists, like Van Halen, are no longer together in the version I’d prefer to see (I admit…I was a “Van Hagar” fan). Others, like INXS, don’t have a lead singer anymore that I’d want to listen to (original lead singer, Michael Hutchense, passed away in 1998 and their other lead singer, JD Fortune, has been kicked out of the band twice).

So after much thought, I have decided that these artists make up my Concert Bucket List…

1. Phil Collins

How can you NOT want to sit back and enjoy the musical stylings of one Phil Collins live and in concert?  I have always considered Collins to be a guilty pleasure of mine and I’m a massive fan of his. I know that he’s retired from live performing, but I’m still hopeful that he will come out of retirement and do a huge “one last time” worldwide tour that includes smaller markets like Halifax, Nova Scotia.

2. Walk Off The Earth

I can’t tell you just how much of a fan of this band I’ve become in a short amount of time. I first heard them three years ago when they did a cover version of the autotune hit song, Backin’ Up Song. I didn’t follow-up on them until they released that hugely popular  5 person/1 guitar version of Somebody That I Used To Know (which is 100% better than the original version). At this point, I went through their back catalogue and immediately fell in love with the band. They have been my favourite band ever since, with me constantly buying and downloading their combination of original releases and incredible covers. I love this band and would pay $100 (easily) to see them perform live.

Green Day

This is a band that I have been a fan of since before they hit it big. To the best of my knowledge, they’ve only been in my neck of the woods once and that was about a decade ago. While some may argue that their music has turned too “mainstream”, I only hear the same pop/punk fusion that I initially heard back in 1992. And from what I can tell, they’ve only gotten better with age. This would be one helluva concert!

Billy Joel

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this man’s catalogue of music. I know he’s not the performer that he once was, I would pay big bucks to just sit there and listen to him sing for two straight hours. Or more, for that matter. His songs speak to me like no other artist…and I’m at an age where I can truly appreciate that.


This is a huge guilty pleasure, much like Billy Ocean was for me before I got to see him in person a couple of months ago. While there are still a lot of other artists I’d love to see, too…but this one is definitely high on my list just for the “fun factor” of it all. I would know almost every single song performed…and that’s the sign of a concert I’d want to attend.

Honorable Mentions (because I can’t be contained to just five):

  • Journey (as much as I love Steve Perry, I think it would still be incredible with Arnel Pineda on vocals)
  • Honeymoon Suite (I saw them back in 1985, but as one of my favourite Canadian rock bands I would love to see them again)
  • Richard Marx (this one’s more for Sunshine than for me, but after having seen a live acoustic dvd I think this would be a very enjoyable concert)
  • Poison (how can you go wrong with this???)
  • P!nk (this is close to being my #5 pick…she’d rock live)
  • Rick Springfield (again, another pick primarily for Sunshine but I had his “Greatest Hits” cd long before Sunshine entered my life…so I’m definitely a fan)

What about you? Who would YOU like to see live?


2 thoughts on “My Concert Bucket List

  1. So funny to read your list as almost all of those are on mine too! I’ve seen Billy Joel 2x and it was great! I would add Jackson Browne. Huge, huge fan. I also passed up a chance to see Sting and Annie Lennox together (husband wouldn’t go).

  2. also forgot to mention Hall and Oates on my list. Would really love to see them. I did see INXS with JD and it was awesome. You know he’s from Pictou County originally right? He went to high school with Dave Gunning and George Canyon.

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