Would You Rather…?

I found a post on TheChive.com recently that made me think about what’s important in life. If given the opportunity, what would be more important to me?

By all means, feel free to play along at home.

Would you rather…

Your own private island or your own private jet?

Would you rather?

My problem is that I’m trying to work the analytics through in my brain. Would the plane be more expensive to run on a regular basis than the costs involved in running a private island? Would it be more difficult to travel back and forth to the island than it would to arrange travel around the world on my own plane? I’m more of a traveler than a sit-on-the-beach guy, so I guess I’d probably go with the private plane.

The ability to never have to sleep or never have to exercise?

Would you rather?

Without question, I’d much rather not have to exercise. I enjoy sleeping and I don’t know if I’d have much more of a fulfilling life if I didn’t have to sleep…plus the fact that I wouldn’t mind having some rock-hard abs…so this one is an easy choice for me.

Be able to stop time or be able to travel through time?

Would you rather

When you really think about it, this is a really tough one. I would love to have moments stopped in time so I could truly cherish them, but I’ve made so many mistakes in my life that I’d like to travel back in time in order to correct a few things. The problem with that? I’ve seen Back To The Future too many times to realize that anything I did in the past could forever change my present…and right now, my present is looking pretty darn good.

Free tickets anywhere in the world or free tickets to any event in America?


As many of you already know, I absolutely LOVE to travel. I think having free tickets to travel anywhere would be a chance of a lifetime. There may be times when I’d love to see something like the SuperBowl, but I’d rather share in a trip with my wife than attend a sporting event without her (believe me…she wouldn’t want to go).

A grand estate in the countryside or a penthouse in the city?


I know what Sunshine would prefer, but now that I’ve had the taste of city living I don’t think I can ever go back. There’s just something about living in a city that keeps the blood pumping and gives you excitement that you just can’t find in the quietness of the countryside.

Have the world’s fastest internet or the world’s fastest car?


I’m actually quite happy with the internet speed I’ve already got. I’m also not much of a “speed demon”, either. In fact, after the unfortunate Paul Walker accident recently, I’m even more wary of traveling at super-fast speeds. I guess I’d go with the internet option, then.

Be the world’s greatest athlete or the world’s greatest actor?


I always wanted to be an actor. I’ve never been much of an athlete. This one’s pretty easy for me. I’d much rather end up being Harrison Ford than Michael Jordan.

Get screamed at by Gordon Ramsay or get criticized by Simon Cowell?


LOL…this one cracks me up. I’d love to get BOTH, actually. This one’s a toss-up.

Hang out with the cast of Friends or the cast of Seinfeld?


As much as I’ve got a MASSIVE crush on Jennifer Aniston, this one’s an easy choice for me: Seinfeld all the way. I mean, can you imagine the fun discussions or the laughs to be had? Good times!

Live in a world where lightsabers exist or hoverboards exist?


I can only imagine the damage I could do to myself with an actual lightsaber. I’d turn it on and probably cut off a limb by accident. No thanks. I’d rather try my luck at a hoverboard, instead.


What about you? What would YOUR choices be?


One thought on “Would You Rather…?

  1. Ha! This awesome. These are TOUGH. if I pick one – since it’s frigin cold here (as I am sure it is there), I’d pick private island for sure, and just move there and never come back!

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