Financially Speaking…

As I mentioned yesterday, after almost a month of hitting the unemployment line I not only found a job, but found something that I could easily turn into a career until I retire.

With the additional income that will come from this new position will also bring more responsibility. I realize that just because I’ll have more money, I won’t have to blow through it and that there are definitely easy ways to save money. While there isn’t a ton of time left to save up for the holidays, there are definitely things that I’m planning on saving up for.

Disney1. A family trip to Disney World. This is a top priority for Sunshine and I. None of the smaller kids have ever been on a plane before, much less been to Florida. And I’ve always promised my daughter that I would take her to Disney, so that’s a promise that I really want to fulfill. For a family of six, we’re looking at a pretty large cost for a week of vacation in Florida…so it’s going to take some solid saving to make this become a reality.

Debt-Free-Sign2. Become debt free. I’m extremely fortunate in that I’m not owing on a house at the moment. Sure, I’d prefer to have a home with Sunshine but right now my total debt (less my car) is under $1,500. That’s a manageable number and one that I can pay off as long as I’m careful with my money over the coming months.

rainy-day-fund3. Saving for a “rainy day”. I’ve never been in a position to set money aside for the future. I have a friend of mine who lost his job of only six months, but had actually saved up a bit of a nest egg and was okay for awhile. I’d really love to be able to save up SOMETHING…whether it’s for a possible unexpected situation (car issues?) or even for retirement.

Cruising4. Another Caribbean cruise. We’ve been on two cruises and are in love with that form of vacation. Because of the relatively inexpensive nature of cruising, this is another thing that we want to save up for.

House5. A down payment for a new home. This is the long-term dream for Sunshine and I. We’re in a nice spot in the city, but we’d love to live the “white picket fence” dream of owning our own house one day.

At the end of the day, there are a LOT of dreams that are a lot more possible thanks to this new career opportunity. It’s fun to dream, but it’s even more fun to know those dreams are not that far from becoming reality.


2 thoughts on “Financially Speaking…

  1. these are awesome goals and it must feel SO GOOD to finally be able to think about these things and be able to realistically save more. M and I just met with a financial planner and it felt equally good to start thinking more heavily about the future, retirement, life insurance etc. It felt so…responsible. In a very good way.

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