You're HiredI have to be honest…things were beginning to look a little bleak two weeks ago.

Here I was, fired at the beginning of November from a going-nowhere job due to financial reasons, going weeks without as much as an interview. With the holidays coming up, I was getting really nervous.

Sunshine then sent me a job posting from her own workplace that I hadn’t seen myself. It seemed like it was right up my alley, but because of my last job (one that went from filled with long-term sales potential to glorified front desk secretary) I wasn’t really confident that I would be considered. Still, I sent in a resume and cover letter that afternoon and continued on with my day.

I was contacted the next day, asking me to come in for an interview the following day. Needless to say, I was excited for the opportunity. I studied up on the company, I studied up on the role, and I entered the interview wanting to be the best “me” that I could be…admittedly not realizing the size and scope of the position I was interviewing for.

I went the weekend thinking that while I had a good interview, I was sure that there were more qualified candidates that would surely be asked for a second interview. Imagine my surprise when I got the email last Tuesday asking me to come in once again.

Again, I researched the company and I researched the role. I felt comfortable being myself and I felt that my previous experience would speak for itself. While the first interview had gone over an hour, the second interview only lasted 40 minutes. I felt as though I did everything I could do, but I wasn’t 100% comfortable with how everything went. I was told that I was one of two people being considered for the position, so my thought process was that it was great being considered and I could use this as a positive experience going forward.

I was driving to visit my son on Friday when the phone rang. I’ve got Bluetooth so I answered the phone and was pleasantly shocked to hear the company’s HR representative on the phone. She told me that pending a reference check, I was going to be offered the position. That happened yesterday and I start on Thursday.

Needless to say, I’m walking on clouds right now. This job isn’t just a job…it has the potential to be a career that I can retire from. It’s a management position that has a ton of responsibility and challenges that will change on a daily basis. It’s a dream opportunity and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s also an opportunity to live up to my potential. I’ve said for years that if I was only given a genuine opportunity that I would shine. For numerous reasons, I was my own biggest obstacle and felt as though I would always be the perennial underachiever. This opportunity has instilled a confidence in me that’s been missing for quite some time.

I’m now hired…and I plan on making the very most of this chance to make a major difference in my life.


6 thoughts on “Hired~!!

  1. YAY!!! that sounds awesome and perfect for you!! sometimes the right thing just falls into place at the perfect time, and that seems to be exactly what happened!! congrats!

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