Chicago – MK: The Restaurant

The final night for our Chicago vacation had arrived and Random Esquire wanted to treat Sunshine and I to dinner at MK Chicago. This was Random’s favourite restaurant in the entire city, so we were all excited to go.

Let me preface this post that saying my camera really doesn’t take the best interior shots, and it REALLY doesn’t take the best pictures without a flash…so these photos (even though I’ve tinkered with them a bit) do not really serve the food justice. Still…it was a meal that simply has to be discussed!

When we arrived, everybody knew Random and the waitress even shared a big hug…so we immediately knew we were in good hands.

We kicked off things with an appetizer. We were given French fries, which you would think isn’t that big of a deal. But this was a NICE restaurant…these weren’t just your average every day run-of-the-mill fries. These were pommes frites…and honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had fries any better than what I had at MK this night.

MK Chicago

Another appetizer came to our table. It was one that neither Sunshine nor I had ever tried before: raw oysters. The actual menu description is “chilled on the half shell, salumi picante, mignonette”. I don’t know what this actually means, but we gave it a shot anyway. I can honestly say that while I didn’t hate them, I don’t think I’d order them again voluntarily. They were slimy and fairly tasteless, so I don’t know if there would be any reason to order them again.

MK Chicago

The next appetizer was a lobster salad. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a salad before than didn’t include any greens, but this one was unique and extremely entertaining to eat.

MK Chicago

The final appetizer was, as described by the menu, “baby octopus grilled over hardwood charcoal, merguez sausage, dried apricots, green acres farms shsishito peppers, harissa creme fraiche, cilantro”. The merguez sausage was lamb sausage, which Sunshine didn’t care for but I really enjoyed.

MK Chicago

Then came time for the entrees. I wanted to get the steak, but Random Esquire was going to get it and I wanted to try something different, so I ordered the bison: “Grilled cook’s ranch ribeye, french beans, green acres farm heirloom carrots, pickled shallots salsa verde”. Per Random’s suggestion, I asked for medium rare and this was what I got…

MK Chicago

Absolutely awesome.

Sunshine ordered the scallops: “Pan seared maine diver scallops, braised napa cabbage, sherry-ginger gastrique cumin scented pumpkin nage, fried parsnips.” Yes, they tasted as good as they look here…if not better.

MK Chicago

As mentioned, Random ordered the steak. I ended up getting almost half of it because it was a MASSIVE piece of meat and I was tearing into the bison like a kid on Christmas morning. UN-BE-LEEEEEVABLE!!!

“Prime new york sirloin grilled over hardwood charcoal, roasted nichols farm sunchokes green acres farm baby leeks, red wine sauce”

MK Chicago

You would think that we were completely full from the meal, but we were ready to force some dessert down our gullets. I took the easy road and ordered the Cake & Shake. I’ll be completely honest…the cake was only “okay”, but the shake was excellent. If given the opportunity again, though, I’d probably order another dessert.

MK Chicago

Because Random has connections, the kitchen ended up bringing out a Greek yogurt panna cotta for us to try. It was very…ummm…interesting. I wasn’t the biggest fan of it, but the others liked it.

MK Chicago

Random ordered You’re The Apple Of My Pie, described in the menu as a “mick klug honey crisp apple turnover, apple butter, salted caramel cheddar cheese tuile, cinnamon ice cream”. I didn’t try this one, but I was told that it was excellent.

MK Chicago

Sunshine ordered the You’re Killing Me S’Mores, which was “dark chocolate ganache, marshmallow, Spanish peanuts, graham cracker ice cream”. Because of Sunshine’s gluten sensitivity, they gave her cinnamon ice cream instead of the graham cracker ice cream. If given the opportunity again, I would have ordered this:

MK Chicago

So that was the end of the meal. From beginning to end, it was simply an incredible feast and I realize why Random loves the place so much. I can’t recommend this place enough. My only wish is that on my next trip to Chicago, we’re the ones treating Random to this incredible meal.


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