Y’know, there’s nothing like having a health scare to really help put your life into perspective.

Yesterday’s blog post detailed the big-time scare I had while flying back from Chicago. With no real answers to why I seemingly had a seizure on an airplane, the fear not only was in me but doubly within Sunshine, especially because she had the unfortunate luck of witnessing my episode up close and personal.

Sunshine took the day off of work to make sure I went to the hospital and get checked out by a physician (plus, she’d be able to “fill in the blanks” of how things went when I was out). We arrived and waiting a couple of hours before seeing the doctor. During those two hours, I can’t begin to tell you about the various thoughts that went through our heads. We didn’t really talk that much, but needless to say we both began to think the worse.

You can’t help that kind of thinking. I mean, I kept telling myself that it was 99% not going to be a big deal…but then I began to think about how my mom had a brain tumor, about how maybe I’ve got a heart condition, about maybe how I’ve got something else that would be a serious problem going forward…just things that probably shouldn’t be going through our minds, but are.

I got a physical by the doctor. I got an ECG. He asked about every little detail so he understood the situation inside and out. Once everything was done, he sat down and gave us the news with a smile on his face.

Turns out, I might have a condition that causes this to happen.

I have passed out two times in the last decade when getting sick, but I just assumed that I threw up so hard that it caused me to pass out. He noted this as a reason why I passed out on the plane; my blood pressure dipped drastically when I felt nauseated (to the extreme, apparently) and my body decided to go into “reset mode”.  None of the symptoms of a seizure were met, so that was definitely a good thing.

Once we were given the good news, we both let out a huge sigh of relief. I hugged her and fell in love all over again.

Even though this wasn’t a “life or death” situation, it was still scary because we didn’t know. To say that we now appreciate each other just a little bit more would be an understatement. I took a little extra time to talk with my stepdaughters yesterday. I took a little extra time to really talk with my son on our videochat session last night. I took a little extra time to hug and kiss my stepdaughters good night. I took a little more time thinking about just how incredibly fortunate I am to have the wife that I have.

Is it a silver lining? Perhaps. What I think it really is, though, is a reminder of what’s important in life. It’s not about how much money I have or don’t have. It’s not about owning “stuff”. It’s about good times, good friends (lookin’ at YOU, Random Esquire), and appreciating family.

Perspective. Life is what you make of it. It’s important to not let life pass you by. It’s also important to let the ones you love know it on a daily basis. NEVER take it for granted.

CBG & Sunshine in Chicago


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