Fun Music Friday

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these…and where both Sunshine and I are in the windy city of Chicago, I thought I’d throw up a few videos from songs that I listened to on the plane to help pass the time.

Listen To The Music by Walk Off The Earth

I’ve been a massive fan of this band for a couple of years now, and their music only seems to get better and better as time goes on. This isn’t one of their originals, but is a unique remake that is definitely a toe-tapper. LOVE this song!


Odds Are by Barenaked Ladies

If you’re from the US, you probably only remember this band for their massive hit, One Week. They’ve been around since 1991, though, and even though one of their members left a few years ago, this song shows that they’re back in a big way. Not only is the song awesome, but the video is entertaining as all get out.


Pompeii by Bastille

I happened to hear this song once and I was immediately hooked. It’s so difficult to find unique music out there that is catchy. This song does the trick. One listen and I think you’ll be hooked, too.


Hey Brother by Avicii

There isn’t an official video for this song yet, but it’s the follow-up to that huge Wake Me Up song. It’s almost like a country/dance sound that’s very unique. Great tune!


The Wire by Haim

Whether or not it was intentional, this song starts with a heavy influence of Heartache Tonight by the Eagles before creating its own unique direction. Just a really great pop/rock song that has an entertaining video to accompany it.


Gang of Rhythm by Walk Off The Earth

Okay…I know this is the second video of theirs on this list, but it’s the new single and it’s an original song…not just an awesome cover/remake. Actually, this video’s been out for awhile but was never an “official” single until recently. My son loves this video and the catchy-ness is undeniable.


Of course, if you want to hear a slightly remade version of the song primarily using the parts of a Volkswagon, then watch THIS one instead!




So…those are on my playlist right now for traveling. What are YOU listening to?


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