How to know if she’s the one

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When you’ve been with your partner for a long time, there comes a point where you start imagining spending the rest of your life with them. But how do you know if they’re the one for life? Here are some ways you can tell.


 She makes you feel good

 When you’ve met The One, you know it by how they make you feel. Everything is better when they’re around. From paying you a compliment to helping you work through a problem, your partner should make you feel like life is good.

 She gets on with your friends and family

 The people who have known you the longest will be the best measure for whether a partner is right for you. If she gets on well with the people you’re closest to, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’ve found someone special.

 She has her own life

 After you’ve gone through the honeymoon period of wanting to spend every minute with each other, a successful relationship is based on two people coming together from separate lives. If she’s able to maintain and enjoy a life of her own, you can know that she wanted to make space in that life specifically for you.

 She’s in your corner

Life’s toughest challenges are made better by knowing someone is looking out for you. If she knows what to do in a crisis, you can trust that you can go the distance together.


…but not all the time!

 Part of being someone’s partner is knowing when to challenge them. It’s no good being in a relationship with someone who agrees with you 24/7. You need someone who can bring a new point of view – even if it occasionally bruises your ego.

 She trusts you (and vice versa)

 The big issue of trust must be tackled before making a commitment to someone. It’s cute to be a bit jealous occasionally but too much of it can turn a relationship sour.

 How to meet your soulmate

 If you’re single and still looking for The One, here are some tips on how to go about it.

 Through friends

 Telling your friends you’re looking to meet someone is a surefire way to get set up for a few dates in no time. Many couples find each other through friends so don’t be afraid to ask.


 Taking a class in a subject you’re really interested in is a good way to find people with common interests. From there, it’s only a short leap to suggesting you meet up outside of the class and have that all-important first date.

 Online dating

 Online dating, through websites such as eHarmony Canada, allows singles to meet each other quickly and easily. By taking the time to set up a profile and perform personalized searches, you can meet singles in your area for dates in no time. Click here for more information.


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