The Wedding Reception

I think Sunshine and I were looking forward to the reception almost as much as the actual reception itself (if not a little bit more). As mentioned previously, we were having a relaxed reception with pizza and cupcakes and no alcohol. So how did it all turn out?

Well, once the reception was over our officiant asked everybody to meet on the main floor of the venue and sit on the stairs. Where there were only 40 guests, the thought was that Sunshine and I could get a picture with the entire wedding party…something not many folks get to do during their wedding. We ended up getting our wedding party to pose with us in two different stairways, and the photos turned out great. No, not everybody was looking or smiling at all the same time, but we loved knowing that everybody who was really important to us was there getting photographed.

The wedding partyThe wedding partyOnce the photos were taken, we waited for everybody to take their seats so I could say a few words. I thanked both of our parents for being so awesome and then thanked each of the children individually for being as incredible as they are. Then we decided to have our first dance, if for no other reason than to allow folks to take pictures of us.

Which they did…

Dancing at the reception Dancing at the reception Dancing at the receptionOnce the dancing was done, the food was served! The line-up immediately started with the kids and then the adults, and the two servers who were there to help dish out the pizza started to fall behind a little bit. My dad, who ran a restaurant for over twenty years, jumped behind the counter and started handing out bottles of water and Coke…and he didn’t miss a beat!

Dad servingThe food was served and it took a few minutes, but Sunshine and I finally were able to sit for just a couple of minutes and try to eat some of the food ourselves…

Enjoying the food at our receptionThe Shoe Game?The music played but people weren’t really dancing much (probably because of the lack of alcohol), but we didn’t care. Sunshine and I enjoyed the 80’s music that we chose together with everything playing from Wham! to Milli Vanilli to Rick Astley. We were more than just a little happy and didn’t have a care in the world. We mingled and spoke to everybody. After a little bit, it was time for the shoe game.

The Shoe Game??

Yeah. It’s a bit difficult to explain here, but thankfully there’s full video of the entire game for you to enjoy!

The rest of the reception was fairly uneventful, but there were a ton of laughs, a ton of love, and a ton of photos to end off the evening. At the end of the day, we found ourselves to be blissfully happy and unbelievably excited to be Mr. & Mrs. CBG.

My dream woman is now my wife…and life is pretty good right now.

My fave shot


9 thoughts on “The Wedding Reception

  1. The shoe game was awesome! So glad it was captured on video. 🙂

    Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of your day! Love you all!

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