The Wedding: The Big Day Begins

Sunshine and I woke up on Sunday morning with smiles on our faces. She had been a bit on edge over the weekend so she wanted to go out for a run and try to clear her head a little bit. I was pretty relaxed so I guess we kinda evened each other out a bit. Just as she went out, my son woke up and was out with me in the living room. We decided to go out and pick up some donuts for the kids as a special “wedding day treat”.

By the time noon arrived, I had picked up T and we were dropping Sunshine off at the hair salon. She didn’t actually have much of a plan going in…just that she wanted her hair up a bit to show off her amazing dress. Once she was dropped off, I had one more special stop to take T that involved food: Tony’s Donair.

T at Tony's DonairWhat’s a donair? Well…here’s a pretty good description from Wikipedia:

Halifax donair meat is sliced from a loaf cooked on a vertical spit, made from a combination of ground beef, flour or bread crumbs, and various spices. The sauce is distinctively sweet, being made from evaporated milk, sugar, vinegar, and garlic. The meat and sauce are served rolled in a flatbread with diced tomato and diced onion. While not included on “original” donairs, some restaurants add lettuce and/or cheese as well.

Halifax is famous for our donairs, but not a lot of people have had the opportunity to try them. I took T to Tony’s and let her dig right in…

T loves donair!In T’s own words: “Yum!”

I drove T back to her place so she could get ready and head back to pick up Sunshine. The only problem was that her hair appointment was running a little late. How late? Well…about 30 minutes late.

This was when I started to get a little “antsy”. Y’see, up until this point, I had been cool as a cucumber the entire weekend. Everything was planned and set-up and simply ready for implementation. This 30 minute delay, however, threw me for a loop.

As we drove back home, I received a text from my dad (who had already picked up our flowers and cupcakes) asking where we were. At this point, it was 1:35pm and I had wanted to leave for the venue at 2:20pm…so things weren’t going quite as planned and, being one who doesn’t like to veer away from a plan very often, I began to get flustered.

We got home and the girls all got changed. By the time they were ready, it was 2:20pm and both my son and I hadn’t gotten dressed yet (it’s a small apartment). By the time we were ready, it was 2:35pm and I was really beginning to freak out a bit.

We got to the venue and unloaded the cupcakes, flowers, and table centerpieces. It was 3 o’clock and I was concerned about meeting-up with my oldest daughter (who was meeting us there at 2:45pm) and the photographer (who was supposed to start taking our pictures at 3pm).

I actually began to fear that my attitude was going to ruin our big day. I had to take a deep breath and try to place everything aside for a moment. I looked around and realized that this was MY big day; it was OUR big day. I realized that my daughter hadn’t shown up yet and the photographer was late, so why was I getting all worked up?

My daughter arrived. The photographer arrived. One picture was all it took for me to relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

The Whole Fam Damily
The entire CBG clan in our first “all together” photo.

Yep…I was now ready to own this day!


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