The Wedding: The Final Days Before

Both Sunshine and I took Friday, August 9th off of work in order to get some pretty important things done. First was traveling 2.5 hours to pick up my son, Ankle Biter. Once we did that, we began back-tracking 45 minutes to pick up my daughter, Rugrat, from her grandmother’s. After making a quick stop to say “hi” to my dad and ensure everything was on track for Sunday, we made our way home.

You would think we’d then be able to chillax for a bit on a Friday night…but no. We needed to travel 20 minutes to pick up our friend T from the airport, so we dropped off the kids and went back to pick her up. Sure…her flight was a bit late, but we were still really excited to pick up this great friend who flew up from Texas just to spend the weekend with us.

After pick-up was complete, we then head back into the city so we could settle in for the night. Sunshine and I had purchased some lobster and prepared some Maritime-made lobster rolls in a way you just can’t get anywhere else. They were incredible and T was extremely happy, so this made for a great start to the weekend.

We wanted to go out for a couple of drinks with friends, so we ended up at the restaurant that Sunshine and I enjoyed our first date at: The Fireside Restaurant. It was nice to sit back and relax a bit before the hectic weekend officially began. And really, how lucky was I on this evening?

CBG in a Sunshine/T sandwich!

T took a quick shot of the happy pre-wedding couple.
T took a quick shot of the happy pre-wedding couple.

We got up bright and early on Saturday morning so we could take T down to the place that holds such a dear place in our hearts: the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market. Not only was this place the venue for our wedding the next day, but it’s where we spend every other Saturday morning religiously. We know some of the vendors so well that they were almost as excited as WE were for the wedding! The people there…the crafts…the food…the atmosphere…it’s something that needs to be experienced in order to be truly appreciated.

T waiting at Wrap So D
T waiting at Wrap So D

T was taking pictures left, right, and center…and rightfully so. The colours of the produce alone were enough to inspire cameras to come out and start clicking. Halifax is known for it’s blogging culture and food bloggers, in particular. Seeing people randomly take pictures is just another part of the market’s charm.

It was here that I introduced T to one of my favourite vendors: Wrap So D. He not only makes the best wraps in the city, but he likes to crank up music and put on a show for his clients while they wait in line. One of his newest creations is the Seaport Seafood Medley Wrap, which includes a generous portion of shrimp, scallop, & lobster along with red onions and peppers in a Hollandaise sauce. WOW…was this thing good!

Chef Darren at Wrap So D making T's seafood wrap.
Chef Darren at Wrap So D making T’s seafood wrap.
Seaport Seafood Medley Wrap
Seaport Seafood Medley Wrap

Needless to say, T was pretty happy with her second introduction to Maritime food.

I grabbed my two kids to get some last-minute errands taken care of (finalizing paying for the flowers, picking up dress shoes for Ankle Biter, etc) and dropped Sunshine, T, and the girls on the Halifax waterfront to have fun and explore. After meeting up with everybody, we stopped by a local ice cream/chocolate/candy store called Sugah! and let the kids cool off with some hand-paddled ice cream.


The final night before the wedding ended with a pretty spectacular BBQ’d hamburger display by yours truly (really…they were pretty awesome…just ask T!) and a lazy evening sitting around with T, talking about life and such. We could have talked all night (we are all friends, after all), but we all turned in at a decent time…knowing just how much was in store for us the next day.



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