Wedding Week Continues – A Most Welcome Visitor

When Sunshine and I initially sent out our invitations, there were two couples that we were kinda on the fence with about inviting: T & Gentleman Jack and Jolene & M. The reason being was that they all live in the United States and we primarily only knew them via blogging, so it would be a pretty large extra expense to incur just to attend our little 40-person wedding.

T & Sunshine playing a little Twister in Maine.
T & Sunshine playing a little Twister in Maine.

But then we thought about it some more. After spending a fantastic weekend with both couples in Maine last summer, Sunshine and I agreed that we probably knew them better than we did some of the family that we were inviting. It was official: we were inviting both couples thinking that they would, at the very least, appreciate the gesture even though they wouldn’t be able to attend.

Jo & M just recently got married, so their summer has been a whirlwind of trying to catch-up. They sent their condolences as they wouldn’t be able to attend, but said that if their summer hadn’t been so crazy that they would have made it.


Then T started emailing with Sunshine about the possibilities. Her long-distance boyfriend, Gentlemen Jack, wouldn’t be able to make it but she might.

So after searching high and low for the best flight deals possible, T confirmed that she was actually going to attend!! Sunshine and I were absolutely stoked!!

T is always one to shine for the cameras!  Heh...
T is always one to shine for the cameras! Heh…

So yeah, if you’ve ever read The Quest for T (i.e. her old blog) or follow her on Life as a Classroom, then you know just how awesome this person is. To me, personally, she was a shoulder to cry on and an unjudgmental ear to hear my confusion during the initial break-up I had with Sunshine, which was an extremely important time in my life. T helped me finally see what I needed to see and was a small catalyst in the eventual reuniting of your favourite blogger couple.

She’s awesome in so many ways, and to know that she’s taking the time and money to fly up here for a weekend means the world to Sunshine and I. It just goes to show just how good of a friend she really is.

Thanks so much, T. We can’t wait to share our special weekend with you!


5 thoughts on “Wedding Week Continues – A Most Welcome Visitor

  1. :/ I am so sorry we aren’t able to make it. It meant the world to even be considered, let alone invited. I hope you both know that and understand why we aren’t able to make it. We will be there in spirit and celebrating with you, you two deserve the happiest day possible and I know T will represent ‘for’ us as well. Cheers.

    1. Jo, we both TOTALLY understand! We honestly didn’t think anyone was going to fly up to Canada for our little wedding, but we just wanted to make sure the invitation was sent because we wanted to.

      I just hope you and M are enjoying wedded life as much as we’re going to.


      1. Just making sure 🙂 And if we WERE free that weekend, we would have been all over it. Wedded life is amazing and I know it will be for you as well.

  2. Awwwwww! Y’all rock my socks. And l love how you kept my anonymity. Heh.

    Can’t wait! Counting the days! Wish Jo coulda made it too but I definitely see another bloggy meetup in our future!

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