Wedding Week: The Invitations!

This is the week leading up to the wedding. For those of you who have followed my blog and Sunshine’s blog over the past 4+ years, this is probably something you’ve been looking forward to (at least I’d hope it would be). Obviously, we’re looking forward to it but we also realize that you have been faithfully reading and following our journey from meeting online to initially dating to full-on long-distance relationship to my proposing to me actually moving here…so it’s the culmination of a long story.

As such, we both realize that you probably want information and details on the wedding (we’ve been asked by numerous people). So to help lead-up to the big day, I’ll be posting daily updates on preparations and details to help you get almost as excited as we are.

Today will be the first hint to the world that we weren’t going to have a traditional wedding: our invitations. When we decided on details for the wedding, we both agreed that we didn’t want “traditional”…we wanted to do whatever WE wanted to do, regardless of how others may feel about it. The best way to tell our invited friends and family was going to be through our invitations.

We reached out online to see if anybody with some graphic design background wanted to help, and immediately we were contacted by a friend who owns his own bakery (and just happens to be the one supplying the cupcakes for the reception). We got together with him and explained what we wanted from the wedding and how we were hoping the invitations would reflect *us* in some way. He felt as though he knew us and was excited about coming up with something.

We initially got three different drafts, but were immediately pulled towards one in particular. This one screamed *us* and was exactly what we were looking for. Once we updated the terminology and make a couple of small creative suggestions, we ended up with the finished product:


As you can tell, we weren’t planning on being formal. This is more of a celebration than a ceremony, and we’re very much looking forward to having our day our way. We loved this invitation because (a) it looks like us, (b) she’ll actually be wearing an orange dress, and (c) we were quite proud of the wording because we felt it reflected our personalities perfectly.

That wasn’t all, though…we had to be equally witty with our RSVP’s:


As much as we hoped at least SOMEBODY would “Decline with pleasure”, nobody did. Heh…

And thus this starts our crazy “Wedding Week”. If you’re allergic to happiness and people being gloriously over-the-moon in love with each other, maybe our blogs won’t be your cup of tea over the next few weeks…so don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Just sayin’.


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