The Countdown Is On

The wedding is now less than three weeks away. The fine details are being finalized and the anticipation is mounting.

Of course, along with the anticipation is the stress. I can’t tell you just how happy I am to know that we’re not having a large wedding because I think we’d both go insane! At this point, we’re looking at 45 guests (which is actually 5 more than we originally planned) so it should be considered a small intimate affair. It’s just funny how the fine details seem to creep up on you and then so does the stress.

We were sent an initial run-through of our ceremony. The officiant actually forgot a couple of things and the flow wasn’t what we were hoping it would be, so even though it was a “first draft” our hearts sunk a bit and our stress levels shot up to the point that we ended up (unfortunately) taking it out on each other. Of course, by the next day we had sent in the suggested changes and everything seemed to flow a lot better once we got the second draft. We both just had to relax and go through it long enough to make the changes.

Sunshine is having trouble sleeping. She’s worried that things won’t work out the way they’re supposed on the big day. Me? I’m doing alright…but I’m starting to worry about the financial aspect of things. I’m actually looking into a big change for my future taking place just after the wedding (details to come) so that’s adding a bit of stress to the already full plate.

At the end of the day, though…I suppose things could be a LOT worse. Our food is ordered. Our officiant is ready to go. Our music for both the ceremony and the reception has been picked out and is already on a playlist. The flowers are ordered. The venue is waiting for us. The only thing that would throw a wrench in the machine would be if it rained as the ceremony is taking place outside, but we’re already mentally preparing for that as a worse-case scenario and are going to be happy regardless.

The time I have to write is limited at the moment. I haven’t stopped writing and I haven’t taken a break or anything…life will resume to “normalcy” soon.

Sunshine & CBG: 07-20-13


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